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Jay Alabaster is a reporter for IDG News Service based in Tokyo.

ibm carbon nanotube chips

IBM's next-gen chips may swap silicon for carbon nanotubes

A breakthrough in IBM's research on future semiconductors has produced a way to put carbon nanotubes on chip wafers in large numbers, perhaps replacing silicon chips.

casio paper writer tablet-scanner

Casio shows Android combo scanner-tablet for business

Japan's Casio is preparing to launch a new Android tablet for businesses that acts as a personal scanner.

Wii U pre-orders are strong so Nintendo expects shortages this year

GameStop created a waiting list that now has 250,000 names on it after pre-orders filled up

Nintendo targets strong launch for Wii U, even as 3DS falters

Nintendo aims to sell 5.5 million Wii U consoles globally by March

Sharp Aquos Phone Zeta

New Sharp display technology said to triple mobile battery life

Japan's Sharp said Tuesday that mobile devices using its new IGZO display technology, which can triple battery life while offering higher touch sensitivity, are about to surge.

Sony trims jobs at its HQ and TV group, closes phone factory

Sony said Friday that its current round of job cuts will include workers in its struggling TV business and at its headquarters in Tokyo, and it will close a mobile phone and lens factory in central Japan.

Nissan to add robot driving, digitize link between steering wheel and tires

The technology will be the world's first to do away the mechanical connection between steering and control of vehicles

Ahead of iPad mini's expected debut, Sharp reveals 7-inch tablet with IGZO display

Sharp's new Aquos Pad has a 1280 x 800 IGZO display

Expect price war, talking dogs if Softbank comes to US mobile market

Contract prices for mobile carriers could fall should Japan's Softbank enter the U.S. market. It's in negotiations to buy a large chunk of Sprint.

Amid iPad mini rumors, Sharp to launch phone with power-efficient IGZO display

The phone's main selling point will be its 4.9-inch screen

Samsung doubles profits, but bill for legal loss awaits

Samsung Electronics said stronger-than-expected sales of its Galaxy smartphones sent operating profits up 90 percent in the latest quarter, but analysts warned its results could take a hit in the coming months as it books legal damages owed to Apple.

In a smartphone world, everything is an accessory

In the race to create slicker products, mobile phones are the new brains for hire. At Japan's largest electronics show, booths are packed with "smart products"--and smartphones are at the core of all of them.

Is Sharp showing high-res iPad mini screens?

The Japanese manufacturer, which has been mass producing the screens since August for an unnamed customer

Video chat glasses that map your face, catch every blink

The glasses may eventually replacing the fuzzy, two-dimensional avatar images that are common on chat programs today

foxconn zhengzhou

Tech factory contrast: Foxconn ascends, while Sharp struggles

China's Foxconn manufacturing sites are expanding based on cheap labor, while Japan's older, traditional Sharp plants hang on through cost-cutting measures.