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Jay Alabaster is a reporter for IDG News Service based in Tokyo.

Hitachi targets 2015 for glass-based data storage that lasts 100 million years

Hitachi has developed a glass-based data storage medium that is highly heat and water resistant, capable of holding data for hundreds of millions of years, and says it may be able to bring it to market by 2015.

Toshiba aims to slash Ultrabook prices with new hybrid hard drives

Toshiba will begin mass production of a new line of hybrid disk drives equipped with flash memory

Sony to launch flat external batteries for phones, tablets

Sony will launch a new line of small, flat, external batteries to provide extra juice for tablets and smartphones, the first such products to use its thin "laminate" technology, it said Monday.

Brain Kiss plays Cupid using Bluetooth headset, iPad app

Couples at the Tokyo Game Show tested Brain Kiss, a new iPad app that checks if their brain waves are compatible with the help of a Bluetooth headset.

Sony focuses on PlayStation Vita at the Tokyo Game Show

Sony's focus is on its PlayStation Vita handheld at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

iPhone 5 thieves break into mobile shops in Japan hours before launch

Police said at least 191 handsets were stolen from multiple shops in the hours before they opened for business Friday

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On 100th Birthday, Sharp Seeks Salvation in Talking Vacuums

It's probably fair to ask why Japanese electronics maker Sharp -- deep in debt and red ink, cutting workers and salaries, awash in excess inventory in the brutal...

Panasonic Factories Damaged, Shut in Anti-Japan Protests in China

Two Panasonic component factories have been vandalized and shut down in China amid the widespread anti-Japanese protests sweeping the country, a company...

Nintendo's Wii U will press play in November

Nintendo's much anticipated Wii U now has a launch date, November, starting at $300.

Nintendo Wii U to Launch in US, Europe Starting in November, Will Work as DVR

Nintendo said Thursday that its new Wii U game console will go on sale starting in November in the U.S. and Europe, and will also work as a home entertainment...

Nintendo to launch Wii U in Japan on Dec. 8, with U.S. release before holidays

Nintendo will announce international launch dates later today.

Sony's new 3D head-mounted display to launch in Japan for US$900

Sony said Tuesday a new version of its popular "Personal 3D Viewer" head-mounted display, which wraps around the eyes and shows video so it appears at the size...

Struggling Sharp slashes employee salaries by up to 10 percent

Japan's Sharp said Tuesday it will slash employee salaries by up to 10 percent from next month, in a round of cost-cutting that will save it about US$180 million...

Fujitsu to build software robot to pass college entrance exams

Fujitsu said Monday it will lead a project to create artificial intelligence capable of passing the math portion of the entrance exams to one of Japan's top...

Japanese defense panel: Cyber attacks can be basis for military self-defense

A Japanese military panel on Friday released a new set of guidelines for dealing with cyber attacks against the nation, saying that in certain circumstances they...