Jennifer Baker Brussels correspondent, IDG News Service

Jennifer Baker reports on the European Union: Commission, Parliament, technology policy, regulation, and competition.

EU Commissioner Warns Member States to Back Broadband in New Budget

Europe's Digital Agenda Commissioner has warned E.U. member states that they cannot get away with not supporting broadband roll-out and next generation networks...

EU Commission Says Czech Telecoms Plans Are Unfair

The European Commission on Monday told the Czech telecoms regulator to withdraw plans on access to its broadband networks.

New EU Law Clamps Down on Electronic Waste

On Monday a new E.U. law that will required all large electronic retailers to take back old equipment came into force.

Cisco's Takeover of NDS Get EU Go-ahead

Europe's antitrust watchdog on Tuesday approved the acquisition of NDS by Cisco.

EU Issues Warning to Suspected Disk Drive Cartel

The European Commission on Tuesday warned 13 optical disk drive suppliers that they may face a formal antitrust investigation for participating in a worldwide...

EU Mulls New Rules for Cybersecurity

Mandatory risk management for social networks could form part of a European Commission legislative proposal on network and information security it was revealed...

European Commission Consults Public on Net Neutrality

Europe's top law-makers on Monday launched a public consultation on how to keep the Internet open and neutral.

EU Court Hits out Against Pre-ticked Boxes for Online Consumers

Europe's highest court ruled on Thursday that websites selling airline tickets cannot have the “include flight cancellation insurance” box ticked by default.

New EU Music Licensing Rules Could Open up Online Services

The European Commission on Wednesday proposed new rules that would make it easier for online music services like Spotify to set up in the E.U.

Don't Believe Every Leak You Read Says EU Commission on CETA

The European Commission on Wednesday evening said that the “language being negotiated on CETA regarding Internet is now totally different from ACTA”.

No ISP Police Rule in Canada-EU Trade Agreement Says Spokesman

A European Commission spokesman said on Wednesday that some elements of an E.U.-Canada trade deal that activists claimed infringed digital civil liberties have...

European Commission Pushing ACTA Through the Backdoor?

A trade deal being thrashed out between Europe and Canada was accused by digital protesters on Tuesday as an attempt to introduce the controversial anti-piracy...

EU Court Ruling on Software Resale Could Shake up Apps Stores

Last week's European court ruling in the case of Oracle versus Usedsoft that the trading of "used" software licenses is legal and that the author of such...

Intel Appeals EU Antitrust Fine

Intel this week presented an array of arguments to the E.U. General Court against a massive €1.06 billion ($1.33 billion) fine imposed by Europe's antitrust...

European Parliament Rejects ACTA Copyright Treaty by 478 Votes to 39

Members of the European Parliament rejected the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement on Wednesday by 478 votes to 39.