Jennifer Baker Brussels correspondent, IDG News Service

Jennifer Baker reports on the European Union: Commission, Parliament, technology policy, regulation, and competition.

EU Court Rules Resale of Used Software Licenses Is Legal, Even Online

In a decision that could have widespread implications, Europe's highest court ruled on Tuesday that the trading of "used" software licenses is legal and that the...

Google Offers Concessions to EU Antitrust Regulators

Google's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has written to Europe's top antitrust authorities with proposals aimed at avoiding a fine for anti-competitive behavior...

EU Court Rejects Microsoft Antitrust Appeal, but Shaves 4 Percent off Its Fine

The General Court of the European Union has rejected Microsoft's appeal of a 2008 European Commission antitrust ruling, but has reduced the fine Microsoft must...

Competition Alone Won't Encourage Next Generation Networks, Says EU Policy Maker

Europe's top IT policy-makers said on Friday he doesn't believe that competition in the market is sufficient for investment in next generation networks (NGN).

EU Parliament Heats up Ahead of Crucial ACTA Vote

The European Parliament's trade committee, INTA, will give its opinion on the controversial anti-piracy agreement, ACTA, on Thursday.

EU Wants Broadcasters to Give up Yet More Spectrum for Broadband

Europe's Digital Agenda Commissioner has told tv broadcasters to free up another 200MHz of spectrum for mobile operators in addition to the 1GHz already...

Europe Lacks IT Skills for Growth, Commission Says

Poor IT skills could stall Europe's economic recovery according to figures released by the E.U. on Monday.

Czechs Consider Reintroducing EU Data Retention Rules

Digital civil liberties groups in Europe are concerned that a controversial E.U. data retention law, which was voted unconstitutional in several countries, is...

EU Carriers: We're Not Asking the UN for Internet Taxes

Contrary to media reports on Friday, Europe's main telecommunication operators association, ETNO, has said it is not asking the United Nations to impose taxes on...

EU Wants Blocking Agreement for Child Porn Websites

The Council of the European Union agreed on Friday to create a Global Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Online that envisages blocking websites “where...

How Should Hosting Providers Respond to Illegal Content Asks EU

European authorities are asking the public for ideas on how to deal with illegal content on the Internet.

EU to Overhaul E-signatures Law

The European Union is to overhaul its e-signatures and e-identity rules it was announced on Monday.

EU Regulators Ask for Feedback on State Aid for Broadband

Europe's lawmakers have asked for feedback on its proposed new rules on allocating state aid to fund broadband networks.

Google Files EU Antitrust Complaint Over Use of 'Patent Trolls' by Nokia and Microsoft

Google has asked European Union regulators to investigate alleged collusion between Nokia, Microsoft, and so-called patent trolls.

ACTA Agreement Gets Thumbs Down in EU Parliament

There are three more nails in ACTA's coffin as three European Parliament committees on Thursday voted to reject the international anti-piracy agreement, ACTA.