Individual tabs gain nifty new features in pre-release Chrome and Firefox builds

Both Firefox and Chrome are adding new functionality to tabs in their respective bids to build the best web browser.

Game over? Nintendo calls for U.S. crackdown on countries with rampant game piracy

Nintendo wants four countries added to the U.S. Trade Representative's copyright watch list for rampant gaming piracy.

U.S. tops world in music pirate downloads

American BitTorrent downloads hit 96.7 million in first six months of 2012.

GoDaddy apologizes for outage with 30% discounts

The hosting service is offering across-the-board discounts to its customers as an apology for an outage that lasted several hours this week.

Intel unveils all-in-one desktop that doubles as a 27-inch tablet

The Adaptive All-In-One's display panel weighs 14 pounds.

Microsoft patent reveals immersive gaming environment

A patent recently filed by Microsoft seeks to obtain dibs on a system that will project a gaming environment on all the surfaces surrounding the gamer.

GoDaddy and its customers start recovery from massive service disruption

Email, the GoDaddy website, and some customer websites go down after an attack on GoDaddy is made, allegedly by a lone hacker.

HP tries to trump iMac with SpectreONE

With an expected iMac refresh imminent, Hewlett-Packard goes preemptive and unwraps a Windows 8 competitor.

Lumia 920 launch tarnished with errors

Nokia and Microsoft fostered an inept image with the introduction of the flagship Windows 8 phone, fumbling what should have been a tech triumph.

Ivy Bridge laptops top September electronics bargains

Now is the time to buy old iPhones, 55-inch HDTVs, and SSD drives, as deals accompany product introductions.

Google Doodle celebrates 'Star Trek' anniversary

Google pays homage to the 46th anniversary of the first airing of the original space-based adventure series with a multilayered doodle reminiscent of multiple iconic scenes from the show.

Nokia's 920 Windows 8 smartphone: Early returns are in

New Windows Phone 8 flagship smartphone garners universal plaudits.

U.S. takes second crack at GPS tracking target

The government defends the right to look at alleged drug dealer's mobile phone records.

RadioShack launches no-contract wireless service

The Shack teams with Cricket for month-to-month plans ranging from $25 to $60.

What's Facebook's Secret Sauce to Wash Out False 'Likes'?

The social network vows to clean up its act, but isn't saying how it will tell the legitimate likes from those clicked by bots.