John P. Mello Jr.PCWorld

Big Bad Apple Wants iPhone 5 Domain from Fans

Apple files a copyright complaint to grab from fans of its products.

iPad Mini Draws Strong Consumer Interest

One in two would consider buying a smaller version of Apple's popular tablet if the price were right, survey reveals.

Emergency Patches Pushed for Flash, PHP

The Adobe fix aims to cure a vulnerability in all versions of the player, but has so far been used only to attack Windows systems using Internet Explorer.

Future Tablets will Crowd iPad, Kindle, Analysts Say

The iPad's market dominance will wane by 2017, while the popularity of Amazon's Kindle Fire is already shrinking.

Google's Street View Snooping: Congressman Wants Investigation

Representative Ed Markey is citing reports that cast doubt on Google's claims that its collection from the networks of 'payload data' was a mistake.

Amazon Releases Desktop App for Its Cloud Storage Service

New app makes uploading files to Amazon Cloud Drive storage handier than it used to be.

Barnes & Noble Deal Signals New Microsoft Savvy

The deal with the maker of the popular Nook ebook reader shows that Microsoft, like Apple, understands that ecosystems are the key to success.

Facebook To Release Tool To 'Save Lives'

Mark Zuckerberg to make rare TV appearance to flog mystery tool.

Who's the King of Smartphone Sales?

Is Apple or Samsung leading the pack? It depends on whose numbers you believe and what you're counting.

Mob Tells iPhone Fans To 'Wake Up'

Protest outside Apple Store in Australia is disavowed by Samsung, who is battling the iPhone maker in court over patents for phone and tablet designs.