Twitter Rival Gets Its Own iOS Client

Rhino joins Hooha, a free Android program built for the new microblogging network, which describes itself as developer-friendly and ad-free.

Apple Targets Galaxy S III, Note in Latest Legal Action

The February case has already resulted in a ban on the sale of Galaxy Nexus phones in the United States, although that injunction is pending appeal.

iPad Mini's 'Guts' May Combine Old, New Technologies

New devices detected by online clipping service may be iPad 2 in a smaller package with its graphics capabilities too limited to run Apple's eye-popping Retina display.

Samsung Turns to Microsoft, Weighs Post-Verdict Strategy

Samsung is huddling with American wireless carriers to discuss design modifications to its phones.

Galaxy S III Sales Spike After Patent Verdict

Customers seem to have rushed out to buy the Galaxy S III, even though it wasn't affected by the patent case.

Facebook, CNN Team Up to Crunch Real-Time Election Buzz on Social Networks

CNN's Election Insights to show 'as-it's-happening' info on social-media discussions on presidential candidates.

Apple v. Samsung Verdict: Opinion on Consumer Impact, Innovation Divided

Everyone's guessing about the real winners and losers in this high-tech case.

Zooka's Bar-Shaped Speakers Crank up Gadgets' Sound

The Bluetooth speakers from Carbon Audio bring impressive quality -- and a microphone -- to smartphones and tablets.


Apple-Samsung Verdict Doesn't Give Microsoft the Win

One trial ends, but the patent wars continue and the long-term effect on the smartphone market is yet to be revealed.

Microsoft's New Logo Draws More Slaps than Claps

The company's refreshed emblem is greeted as more friendly by some, and derided as dull by others.

Google Beefing Up Privacy SWAT Team

The search giant has posted a job notice for a data privacy engineer for its privacy "red team."

Analyst: Cross-Licensing Will Be the Conclusion to Apple v. Samsung Trial

Whatever the verdict in the 'tech trial of the century,' the outcome will be a settlement, analyst predicts.

InstallFree Nexus Brings Microsoft Office to iPads, Via the Cloud

InstallFree Nexus is an intriguing option for Word lovers who crave Office via the Web or on an iPad.

Windows Phone Expected to Pass BlackBerry in November

WinPho's market growth and BlackBerry's free fall combine to push smartphones running Microsoft's mobile OS past the Canadian smartphone maker.