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AppWave App Store Launched for Windows OS

All the offerings in the store are free programs that can be downloaded on the Internet. But the company behind the store says its installation process is faster.

Samsung Takes Another Swipe at Apple in Video Promo for Galaxy S III

Samsung video ups the antagonism between Apple with teaser video promoting its Galaxy S III launch event.

Symantec Revamps Website Trust Program

Norton Secured Seal will replace the Verisign logo to reassure consumers online that a site has been checked out for malware and security issues.

Facebook Invites More Comment on Policy Changes

New revisions to the social network's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities are up for discussion until a revised deadline of April 27.

Your Next Phone May Be Able to See Through Walls

Texas researchers develop an X-ray chip for smartphones.

Apple, Oracle, Google Lead Major Vendors with Software Vulnerabilities in Q1, Security Report Says

Security firm Trend Micro says Apple topped its list of companies hit with vulnerabilities followed by Oracle, and Google.

Music Artists Get 'Listen' Button on Facebook

The new Facebook feature is aimed at improving tune discovery on the giant social network.

Windows RT to Support ARM-Based Processors

Because of its small footprint and power-sipping qualities, ARM has been a favorite of smartphone makers for years.

Opinion: FCC's Ruling that Google's Wi-Fi Snooping is Legal Sets Horrible Precedent

Paltry fine on Google for monitoring Wi-Fi nets will only encourage snoopers.

Instagram: Bubble, Bubble, High Tech Trouble?

Shrewd business or a poke at a bubble -- Pundits are divided over the market meaning of Facebook's latest purchase.

1 in 5 Americans are 'Internet Innocents'

A survey by the Pew Internet and American Life Project reveals that 20 percent of Americans live in a world without cyberspace and don't expect to move anytime soon.

Despite Denial, Apple Dictated E-Book Pricing at iBookstore

Apple's deal with e-book publishers contained a sweetheart clause to keep Apple's wares competitive.

Online Tax Scams to Guard Against

Scammers are out in force as the tax filing deadline approaches. Here are some of the most common scams to be on the lookout for.

Some Publishers Quickly Settle E-book Price-Fixing Lawsuit

Three of the five book publishers sued Wednesday by the Department of Justice quickly agree to scrap their deal with Apple and claim no wrong-doing.

Help Desk Employees Dish on Wackiest Questions

More than 1,400 chief information officers in U.S. companies with 100 or more employees shared some of the strangest questions they have ever received.