John P. Mello Jr.PCWorld

Will Google Tablet Sales Frag or Defrag the Android Market?

The search giant's slate could bring some needed order to the market--or could greatly add to the present confusion.

Anonymous Disrupts UK Government Sites

10 Downing Street, others hit with distributed denial of service attack in a protest against hacker extraditions.

'Audacious' Hactivists Make Social Statement, Scholar Says

Anonymous hackers straddle the roles of prankster and protester, pose little risk to national security but contribute to creativity and innovation online, a Harvard researcher writes.

Advertising in Free Apps Saps Your Smartphone's Battery Life

More energy is spent on user tracking, GPS, and other functions than your game play, researchers find.

Facebook Security Hole Found on iPhone, Android Devices

Facebook's app for iOS and Android devices doesn't encrypt your login credentials, making them a sitting duck for bad apps or a poisoned USB connection.

Study: Social Media Has Mixed Impact on Elections

Nielsen poll shows social media buzz influences election results but not voter turnout.

Feds Finalize Deal with College Savings Service Upromise Over Privacy Violations

The service settles charges that it deceptively collected info on users with its toolbar.

Microsoft Probing Alleged Xbox Security Problem

Credit card numbers take up permanent residence on hard drive, say researchers.

Facebook Ownership Case Faces Key Juncture

The legal team for Paul D. Ceglia, who claims to own at least 50% of the social network, is expected Wednesday to present its discovery plan in court related to evidence in the case.

No Foolin' -- Find Tablet Bargains in April

Deal-finder site reports it's a good month for buyers of 55-inch TVs, Lapzillas, and ultrabooks.

Cook More Popular than Jobs at Apple

The current CEO draws a 97 percent approval rating among the troops, but the real test of leadership and vision lies ahead.

Android Expected to Eclipse Windows Devices by 2016

Devices running Android will see their share grow to a market-leading 31.1 percent in 2016, up from 29.4 percent in 2011, according to an IDC report.

Evernote Adds Speech Recognition to its Android App

Popular notetaking software now turns talk into type.

RockYou Settles Pending Charges for $250K Over Data Breach

Online social gaming site RockYou has agreed to pay $250,000 in civil penalties and make other concessions after a 2009 data breach that exposed the information of over 32 million users.

Majority of Siri Users Satisfied with Feature, Don't Want it on TV

A survey from Parks Associates found that only 37 percent of respondents said they would like Siri for their TVs.