NBC's Olympic Coverage Takes a Social Media Beating Online

Despite setting viewing records, the TV network's overall Olympic efforts are being roundly blasted on the Net.

New Microsoft Mice, Keyboards Accent Mobility

The touch-responsive hardware is designed for use with Windows 8 and tablets.

The New Kindle Fire: What We Know

Amazon is as tight-lipped about a refresh of Fire as Apple is about its products, but a growing consensus among forecasters suggests the company is ready to compete directly with the iPad.

Black Hat Hackers Highlights: Awards, Attacks, and Apple

Hotel locks, iris scans, GooglePlay and other "secure" technologies are cracked in demonstrations at the security conference.

Facebook Phone Dismissed by Zuckerberg

The social network site isn't likely to enter the hardware business -- right now, anyway, its CEO insists.

Cyber Criminals Target Pinterest with Survey Scams

A report from a security firm says the social networking site's popularity makes it a prime target.

Google Search Adds Scientific Calculator to Repertoire

A new number cruncher pops up when calculations are performed in the Google search box.

YouTube Asks Users to Post Real Names in Bid to Clean Up Comments

It remains to be seen whether this move by Google will clean up the discourse in the comments section.

Samsung Galaxy S III Sales Hit 10 Million

Despite Apple's legal challenge and hints of a new iPhone, Samsung's smartphone is selling at rate of 190,000 units every day.