Google Nexus 7 Tablets Selling on eBay With Premiums Added to Their Prices

The Google tablets on eBay sell for more than they do in the GooglePlay store, but they may arrive faster.

Majority of Americans Distrust Information Found Online

Respondents in a survey blamed advertising, staleness, self-promotion and ignorance of the forums where the information originated for their skepticism.

Samsung Widening Lead Over Apple, Says Analysts

The introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S III helped increase sales lead over iPhone maker.

UK Pay-Per-View Service Challenges Netflix

Now TV serves up fresh movies and sports as pay and play offerings worldwide in a challenge to Netflix and Viacom.


Back to School Sales Aren't Only for Students

Deals are already appearing, so it's not too soon to shop around for laptops, tablets, accessories and the seasonal Apple back-to-school special. Here's an overview.

Apple's Green Flub Adds to Its Checkered Record

A misstep this week in regard to EPEAT participation reminds that Apple and environmentalists have clashed many times.

7 Ways Digg Dug Its Own Grave

Competition, arrogance are named by pundits as some of the reasons the mighty site tumbled.

Live-Streaming Service Aereo Wins Round Against TV Broadcasters

Aereo streams live broadcast television programming to devices connected to the Internet for $12 a month.

Amazon Smartphone: What We Know So Far

The probability of a well-priced smartphone from the giant shopping site seems to increase with each passing day.

Samsung, Embrace Your 'Uncool' Galaxy Tablets

With the right spin, Samsung could turn a judge's ruling that deemed its product not as cool as the iPad into a positive marketing campaign.

Galaxy S III Spontaneous Combustion Tale Was a Hoax

Forum user admits to helping the phone combust with a microwave.

Windows 8 Consumer Availability is October

OS on pace for OEM availability in August and the official consumer release in October.

Aggressive Ad Providers Spy on 80 Million Mobile Users

Some ad networks buried in free apps harvest data and perform sketchy activities on cell phones; find out which app categories are the most common culprits.

Tactile iPhone Keyboard Seeks Kickstart

Spike designers give the Apple smartphone a tactile keyboard, then flip it out of the way when not needed.

Nexus Smartphone Sales Ban Lifted by Court

All may be moot in the dispute, as Google is expected to release an updated model expected next week.