Microsoft's Surface Tablets: What Experts are Saying

It's still vaporware, but most pundits expect it will be a game-changer for the software giant if it materializes.

Microsoft to Enter Tablet Fray Monday, Reports Say

Will new device, if real, compete with iPad or Kindle Fire?

Internet Explorer Flaw Triggers Google Nation-State Attack Message

Microsoft issued a patch to address the vulnerability in IE, but the flaw triggering the warning message was not addressed.

Verizon Share Everything Plan Could Boost Asus PadFone

All-in-one devices may be alternative to high cost carrier offerings.

Verizon Details Voice, Data Sharing Plans that Debut June 28

Verizon’s shared plans are aimed at eliminating unlimited data offerings from its service mix.

Dual Core Processors Wasted on Android, Intel Claims

Two cores aren't better than one in Android phones, which don't take sufficient advantage of the technology, according to an Intel executive.

iOS6, New MacBooks Expected to Headline Apple Developer's Conference

New maps app and more retina displays predicted by Apple watchers awaiting Monday's opening day of the WWDC.

Another Breach Reveals Weak Passwords: Will We Ever Learn?

A comparison of harvested passwords from LinkedIn and Gawker Password shows strong passwords are still too rarely used, even among those online most often.

Microsoft Bing

Bing Teams with Britannica for Answers

Microsoft's search engine is integrating material from the old-school encyclopedia into its results pages.

LinkedIn Password Breach Spawns Spam Campaign

The spam campaign is trying to take advantage of LinkedIn users worried that their passwords were among the 6.46 million posted on the Internet.

Global Mobile Phone Shipments Slowing Down

Smallest increase in three years predicted by research firm IDC as interest in non-smartphones starts to cool.

Google to Warn Users About Being the Victim of Nation-State Cyber Attacks

If a nation-state targets your PC, Google will let you know.

Google Buys Quickoffice in Preemptive Microsoft Strike

Google buys mobile app Quickoffice in what could be preemptive strike on Microsoft's plans to bring Office to tablets.

Flame Malware Spreading Itself Via Bogus Windows Updates

The program is creating bogus certificates that allow it to fool Windows into thinking that certain components of Flame are Microsoft products.

Microsoft Office for the iPad: What We Know

Speculation is uniting around a November release for Microsoft to announce an iPad version of Office.