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Macworld U.K. editor since 2008, Karen has worked on both sides of the Apple divide, clocking up a number of years at Apple's PR agency prior to joining Macworld U.K. Career highlights include launching the iPod and OS X while on the PR side, and honing news hound instincts while observing the astronomical rise of Apple following the Intel switch and the launch of the iPhone.

30th annivesary

The Mac and other things turning 30 in 2014

The Mac isn't the only thing turning 30 this year. Macworld U.K. has a list of other things turning 30, including plenty of tech from Flash to Facebook's father.

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Microsoft CEO calls Office for iOS unnecessary

Waiting for Word, Excel and PowerPoint on your iPhone or iPad? Steve Ballmer says you don't need it.

Apple's MacBook Air continues to dominate PC Ultrabook market, while competition awaits with Windows 8

Apple's MacBook Air is set to take 39% of the slim notebook market in 2012, but will slip to 28% in 2013 as ultrabook sales rise.

Tim Cook Completes First Year as Apple CEO

On the anniversary of Steve Jobs' resignation we evaluate how his successor and the company are doing.

'2001: A Space Odyssey' Nixed as Samsung Evidence in Suit Against Apple

Judge Koh rules that Samsung didn't make it clear in the preliminary injunction stage that the company wanted to cite the prop as evidence against Apple's patent.

Does Apple Rely Too Much on the iPhone?

A rare slip in financial returns reveals Apple makes an 58 percent profit from sales of the iPhone, hitting results dramatically when sales slide a bit.

Many Apple Technologies Should be Shared Standards, Google Says

The competitor suggests that many popular technologies should be considered "de facto standards" to avoid patent fights.

Apple Will Fix App Store Vulnerability With IOS 6

Apple has issued guidance to iOS developers wondering how to protect their App Store apps from a hack that makes it possible to get in-app purchases for free.

Apple Steps Up Effort to Stop a Free In-App Purchases Hack, Report

Apple is reportedly cracking down on a hack that lets iOS users trick the App Store into giving them in-app purchases for free with an attempt to more easily identify users and devices involved with the exploit.

System Sales Estimates Disputed

Gartner's research suggests only Apple is increasing its market share in the PC market, but other trend-watchers say all worldwide shipments are down.

Chinese Reportedly 'Don't Want' New iPad

After a legal dispute delays Apple selling its newest iPad in China, the device may not be as successful as earlier versions.


Apple Concerned About Mobile Payment Security

Google already offers Google Wallet payments via Android phones and Microsoft is set to launch its own digital-wallet service, but Apple isn't yet willing to enable credit card payments via the iPhone due to concerns about security.

Apple's China Challenge: Fighting Counterfeiters

About 150 million counterfeit mobile phones are expected to ship in 2013 -- accounting for 14% of the handset market in Asia Pacific.

Renovation Happening at 'Wrong' Steve Jobs House

The builders are at Jobs' Palo Alto home, but what of the Woodside Jackling house.

Next 5 Years Called 'Tougher' for iPhone

After soaring past its own sales records with each update to the iPhone, Apple may find the upcoming competition tougher, analysts say.