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Kenneth Corbin is a contributing writer based in Washington and Boston who covers government and regulatory issues for

Obama Campaign Dominates Social Media

The incumbent's online campaign far exceeds that of GOP challenger Mitt Romney, posting nearly four times the content and staying active on more platforms, a study reveals.

AT&T Campaigns Against Texting-While-Driving

'It Can Wait' launches in September to warn teens and others about the dangers of distracted driving, especially involving mobile devices.

Are Foreign Cloud Providers Exploiting Privacy Concerns?

Tech officials are warning House subcommittee members that foriegn cloud services providers are trying to exploit perceived weaknesses in privacy laws to drive business away from U.S. providers.

Online Sales Tax Effort Gains Momentum

House Republican and Democratic lawmakers begin the debate to work out legislation to permit states to force the collection of Internet sales taxes, which will ultimately affect the prices consumers see when they shop online.

Cyberwar Ignores Borders, Expert Suggests

We're in for a "constant state of asymmetric warfare" that goes beyond traditional notions of war nation-states.

Facebook's Facial Recognition Draws US Senate Scrutiny

Privacy issues arise regarding Facebook's tag suggestions feature, as senators ask what the social network does with the collected data.

Lawmakers Weigh Future of Online Video

As online distribution grows, House members consider an update to the 20-year-old Cable Act, debating whether to relax rules on cable- broadcast negotiations...