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Liane Cassavoy is a veteran technology and business journalist. She contributes regularly to PCWorld and has written about business issues and products for Entrepreneur Magazine and other publications. She is the author of two business start-up guides published by Entrepreneur Press.

AirDroid's Web Component Works With App To Control Android from Your Browser

Control your Android device via your Web browser using AirDroid's free mobile app.

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Bottlenose's Web-based system makes your social networking life easier to manage.

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Four Free Services to Help Plan Your Run

Sitting at a computer all day can keep you from exercising...unless you use one of these to design your run, bike ride, or workout. Go on, get moving.

Make Your Workout Social (And Maybe a Little Too Public) With Dailymile

Dailymile brings Twitter-like social networking features to the world of workout tracking.

FriendFit Makes Working Out More Entertaining

FriendFit makes planning and tracking your workouts feel less like work and more like fun.

Develop a Training Plan With WalkJogRun

WalkJogRun lets you map and log your workouts, and includes training plans for both novice joggers and advanced runners.

Free Fotobounce Helps You Organize and Share Photos

This ad-supported software uses face recognition to help organize your photo library, and it offers useful sharing tools.

Track Your Running Route With MapMyRun

MapMyRun lets you plan, create, and log your workouts online or on a smartphone.

Twitter Tools: 11 Free Apps and Services You Need Now

Looking to get more out of the world's most popular microblogging service? Here are 11 free apps that deliver the goods.

Bing Versus Google: Search Engine Showdown

We pit Google and Bing against each other in a quest to determine which one is better.

Autodial With Your Keyboard and Dial Directly for Skype

Dial Directly for Skype lets you use keyboard shortcuts to initiate Skype calls.

Find Out What Happens to Your Outlook Emails With Track Your Sent

Caelo Software's Track Your Sent brings order to your Outlook outbox.