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Loyd Case first started writing about PC technology for Computer Gaming World, giving him a creative outlet for his obsession about PC performance. The PC industry -- and Loyd -- have never been quite the same since.

20 must-know Windows 8 tips and tricks

Windows 8 can be somewhat inscrutable, even for long-time PC users. But with just a little hand-holding, the OS suddenly becomes much less mysterious.

Microsoft Build

What Microsoft should deliver at its BUILD developer conference

Microsoft's Build conference is coming. Will developers stick with Microsoft as it moves forward with its new platforms? Will cool new apps come to Windows? Build holds the clues.


Maximize your first 30 minutes with Windows 8

Now that Windows 8 is installed on your desktop machine, it's time for a primer on what to do, and where to go, during your first half-hour of operation. Learn basic navigation, as well as some additional setup tips to streamline your Windows 8 experience.

Why you should upgrade to Windows 8

Microsoft’s new operating system may look like a radical departure from Windows 7, but it works, it makes sense—and it’s the future.

Windows 8: The official review

The new operating system improves substantially on Windows 7, but Microsoft’s efforts to woo mobile-device users may leave traditional desktop PC owners feeling abandoned.

Sony reaches the Windows 8 finish line first with two quirky tablets

One is an all-in-one desktop that doubles as a gigantic tablet. The other is an 11.6-inch tablet with a nifty slide-out keyboard.

Duo 11 ful

Sony Duo 11 Ultrabook review: Blurring the line between tablet and laptop

Sony's new 11.6-inch convertible includes a minimalist slider keyboard, but behaves more like a tablet.

Tap 20 animated

Sony Tap 20 review: A Windows 8 all-in-one that's also a humongous tablet

Sony has built a cool, if small, all-in-one that works well as a shared family PC. The added battery and touch functionality help to create a distinctive PC experience.

Nvidia announces GeForce GTX 650 Ti and Assassin's Creed 3 bundles starting at $150

The GTX 650 Ti is Nvidia's budget card for serious gamers. Some cards will include Assassin's Creed 3 as an enticement.

Meet AMD’s new tablet APU: The Z-60 delivers Radeon graphics for Windows 8 touch

AMD takes on Intel’s Atom with its latest APU, offering Radeon graphics capability in a 4.5W package.

PC gaming performance on Windows 8: A hard-data analysis

Windows 8 improves performance and responsiveness for desktop and Windows 8 apps, but does the same hold true for games?

Meet Clover Trail, Intel's chip for mid-range Windows 8 tablets and hybrids

Intel's Clover Trail system-on-chip will power a new generation of Atom-based tablets and convertibles, but it's an evolutionary step.

APU Hero

AMD announces Trinity APUs: superb graphics, improved CPU

AMD is launching a new generation of A-series accelerated processing units, which include improved Piledriver CPU cores.


Extreme graphics cards: Three killer boards that beat their reference designs

Factory overclocking and custom cooling systems are the latest trends in high end graphics card.