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Expatriate Scotsman now living in Wurzburg, Germany, freelance writer, frustrated future bestselling author, obsessed bibliophile. Other interests include trying to understand The Architect in the Matrix movies, decrypting codes and ciphers, and trying to persuade my landlord and my wife to let me have a Highland Cow for a pet.

Review: Convert almost any entertainment file to another format with free Adapter

With so many devices and so many operating systems, being able to easily change a file format is a necessity. Free desktop software Adapter fills this need in most situations.

Free Google Drive tools you're not using (but should be)

Google Drive can do more than store stuff. Check out these tools for automatic backup, easy file sharing, collaboration, encryption, music, and more.

Review: Create very strong and secure passwords with the free PWGen

You need a different password--and a really good one--for every program, service, or site to fend off hackers and snoopers. PWGen will help you graduate from your pet's name to strong passwords.

Review: DriveTunes adds a music player to Google Drive

Chrome app DriveTunes lets you hear all the music in your Google Drive files.

Review: BoxCryptor encrypts data in the cloud

Leaving your files in the cloud doesn't feel all that secure. BoxCryptor adds encryption so you can use cloud storage and keep your peace of mind.

Review: Open Drive turns cloud storage services into one big file sharing network

Sharing files on Google Drive is easy, but finding other people's files is not. Chrome Open Drive searches not only Google Drive, but Dropbox, Box, Evernote, and SkyDrive.

Review: Collaborate on presentations with Google Slides

If you're already using Google Drive at work, there's no need to turn to PowerPoint. This free Chrome app lets you and your colleagues craft presentations together (without saving over each other's work).

Review: Wappwolf automatically converts and syncs your files

Productivity and automation are the two big buzzwords when it comes to efficient computer use. Wappwolf offers both by automatically converting and syncing files which are placed in a pre-defined folder.

Review: Hide your programs from prying eyes with WinLock

Everyone knows that to lock a Windows PC, you use the WIN + L key combination. However, what if you want to only lock a window?

Review: Pingraphy lets you schedule your future Pinterest pins, get stats

Social media is important for self-promotion on the Internet, but nobody can stay up 24 hours a day to post updates. This is why Pingraphy becomes an essential service.

Review: Portrait Professional Studio dramatically transforms your images

When we see photos of ourselves, there's always something we don't like about them - a spot, a blemish, bags under the eyes. Now with Portrait Professional Studio, you can remove those unsightly elements and make yourself look as good as new.

Review: Name, tag and sort your MP3 music files with Mp3tag

Sometimes when you rip your CDs, the tags and album art don't come with it, leaving the MP3 file without identifying information. Mp3tag is here to help you add those tags and album art back.

Review: Slice your AVI files up into separate files with AVI Splitter

When you are watching a media file in AVI format, you may want to copy a section as a separate AVI file for easier watching later. AVI Splitter makes this a quick and painless process with a few clicks of the mouse.

Review: Catalog your DVD & Blu-ray movie collection with My Movies

If you have hundreds or even thousands of DVDs or Blu-ray discs, you can't eyeball them easily. My Movies is easy-to-use desktop software which syncs with the My Movies website to provide you with your very own inventory.

Review: Customize your Windows 8 start screen with Start Screen Animation Tweaker

The start screen "grid" has been touted as a big feature of Windows 8. However, with the portable Start Screen Animations Tweaker, you can improve it even more.