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Expatriate Scotsman now living in Wurzburg, Germany, freelance writer, frustrated future bestselling author, obsessed bibliophile. Other interests include trying to understand The Architect in the Matrix movies, decrypting codes and ciphers, and trying to persuade my landlord and my wife to let me have a Highland Cow for a pet.

Review: SmartDeblur restores blurred images, indulges CSI fantasies

If you have a blurred image, you're normally inclined to delete the photo and move on. But if that photo contains important information that you absolutely need, SmartDeblur can help.

Review: 64-bit Adobe Preview Handler shows PDF thumbnails in Windows/File Explorer

When you use Windows 64-bit, you may notice that your PDF files will not show their thumbnail images by default. If that's the case, you will require 64-bit Adobe Preview Handler in order to make it work again.

Review: Customize and alter your photos with PC Image Editor

You don’t need to be a highly skilled Photoshop designer to make your photos sparkle. PC Image Editor is an easy-to-use program that tweaks your images.

Review: Automatically resize images on the fly with Robosizer

If you send images over the Internet, you know how much of a pain it is to have to keep shrinking them, especially in email. Robosizer is a free app that sits in your Windows tray and automatically resizes images to your pre-set specifications as they are being sent.

Review: Synchronize any Windows folder on your PC with Dropbox, thanks to Dropbox Folder Sync

Dropbox is extremely popular and extremely useful for synchronizing your information between computers, but sometimes some data such as browser profiles are hard to sync. Dropbox Folder Sync is an app which allows you to set up such sync links easily and without moving anything from Windows Explorer.

Review: WordWeb dictionary is a crossword-puzzle fan's dream

The days of consulting a worn dog-eared print dictionary seem to be behind us now. Nice desktop alternatives such as WordWeb make us miss them a little less.

Review: Autostarter X3 automates your regular computer operations with batch files

A lot of what we do on a computer is repetitive work that can be easily automated to save us time and effort. Autostarter X3 is an app that can set up batch files for pre-defined tasks such as opening browsers, starting apps, and opening Web pages.

Review: Folder Colorizer brightens up Explorer, may help navigation

If you are bored of the same old yellow folders in Explorer, then try colorizing them. The makeover may make it faster to find the folders you seek, too.

Review: Document Metadata Cleaner strips personally identifiable metadata from your files

You can tell a lot about a document by its metadata, such as when the document was created, who created it, the time of its last edits, and more. If you are determined to keep this information a secret, Document Metadata Cleaner can help you.

Review: Batch rename all of your files and MP3 music with File Renamer

If you have lots of photos, music or other files, renaming each one individually can be a tedious task. File Renamer allows you to rename them all in one go.

Review: Protect your photos from thieves by watermarking them with My Watermark

Protect your photos online by adding a visual watermark with My Watermark.

Review: Use online data store Pastebin from the desktop with this handy portable app

Pastebin is a site where you can store massive data dumps for public use. Whatever your requirements, you can now use the site with a handy portable app.

Review: Multi Commander is a more powerful alternative to Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer has not changed very much over the years, so functionality is limited. Multi Commander tries to remedy this by offering more options.

Review: Update Your Shortcuts With Broken Shortcut Fixer

Broken Shortcut Fixer scans your PC and weeds out those shortcuts that can no longer be fixed, so you can get rid of them permanently.

Review: Wipe EXIF metadata from your images using ExifCleaner

Digital photos these days come bundled with a whole host of personally identifying information called EXIF metadata. ExifCleaner can strip this out for you in a flash.