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Expatriate Scotsman now living in Wurzburg, Germany, freelance writer, frustrated future bestselling author, obsessed bibliophile. Other interests include trying to understand The Architect in the Matrix movies, decrypting codes and ciphers, and trying to persuade my landlord and my wife to let me have a Highland Cow for a pet.

Review: Cut down your typing with Auto Text Expander

Those of us with typing-intensive jobs will know how tiring on the fingers it can be. But what if there were a way to type out what needs to be typed using only half the normal effort?

Review: Remove Empty Directories sweeps the trash out of your Windows OS

As you use the Windows OS more and more, unnecessary files build up, gradually slowing the system down. Remove Empty Directories is a small freeware program that hunts out and deletes empty folders to clean your system up.

Review: Toolbar Cleaner removes unwanted browser toolbars, browser extensions, and start-up items

If you have been using computers for any length of time, you will know the key to a fast computer is keeping it free of unwanted software. Toolbar Cleaner is a small easy-to-use freeware app which allows you to keep on top of this simple Windows maintenance task.

Review: Linux Live USB Creator makes it easier to install Linux

Linux has always come across to most people as something too complicated to install and learn. But with Linux Live USB Creator, you can now install one of many Linux operating systems onto your USB stick, and operate it with absolute ease.

Review: Advansys RecollX for Skype keeps a searchable archive of Skype convos, IMs, and files

If you are using Skype for business, it is important to be able to refer back to your previous instant messaging conversations and SMS messages. Advansys RecollX makes light work of this by providing an easy-to-use searchable archive which plugs directly into your Skype app.

Review: Ashampoo Photo Converter 2 handles most basic image editing functions

If you work extensively with images, then you may have various software programs installed on your computer which all do different things. But what if you could bring your entire image editing functions under one roof?

Review: TuneUp cleans up your misnamed music files with a few clicks

If you are in the habit of ripping CDs, you know how frustrating it is when the ripped CD doesn't provide track names, and you have to manually type them by hand. TuneUp is an add-on for iTunes and Windows Media Player that renames your files for you and adds album art.

Review: InPaint removes unwanted elements from your photographs with a few clicks

We've all been there with photos with unwanted people in the background, fingers in the lens, and date stamps in the corner. InPaint lets you rescue those photos by removing the unwanted elements, making them vanish without a trace.

Review: Sizester lets you edit and upload your images fast

Have you ever needed a simple, straightforward app to resize your images? Sizester more than ably covers that need, but it's currently not without its bugs.

Review: Right-Click Context Menu Adder gets you to what you need on your PC faster

You probably frequent the same files, folders, programs, and websites day in and day out. What if you could go there directly by simply right-clicking with your mouse?

Review: Windows 7 Logon Background Changer personalizes your Windows PC

Not many people realize that you can customize the look of your Windows 7 password logon screen. You can do this without touching critical system files, thanks to Windows 7 Logon Background Changer.

Upload masses of images lightning-fast with Hyperdesktop

The dream tool for bloggers and tech support staff everywhere, Hyperdesktop gives you the ability to upload images and take screenshots with just a few clicks. It's smooth, it's fast, and it works like a dream.

Skype turns the Internet into your own personal telephone line

This familiar software app offers a cheap way to make telephone calls.

Add useful tools to your Skype desktop app with Pamela Professional

If you're a heavy user of Skype, or the owner of a small business, Pamela Professional a software app to get.

Embed Plus For YouTube: Enhance your YouTube viewing experience

Embed Plus For YouTube inserts extra player features that should be in YouTube by default. With DVD-like controls, sweet-spot marking, and monitoring other sites for comments, this is one extension all Chrome-using YouTube fans should try out.