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Google Fiber fever spreads: L.A. now plans city-wide gigabit-fast network

What started in Kansas City has now spread to the nation's second biggest city, and analysts think many more cities will follow.

Twitter won't pay tax on the first $107 million of income it reports

Tech companies are increasingly leveraging a federal deduction related to stock option compensation that relieves them of paying millions in income taxes.

Google Fiber van

Google to big ISPs: Fiber is good for you

Even if the local ISPs spoil Google's fiber-fast Internet business, Google still wins.

You're not hearing the whole truth about e-cigarettes

Sure, movie stars use them and they don't make your clothes smell, but a lot of information--good, bad, and ugly--is missing from the e-cigarette story that advertisements tell.

Happy birthday, Internet! Here are your lamest lifetime moments

Yes, the Internet has brought us closer together, encouraged progress in the Third World, democratized information, revitalized whole industries, and got us a date. But sometimes it's felt like surfing in a sea of dumb.

Pay TV as we know it will be dead by 2025, and this is how it will happen

It all started with the 2013 Emmy Awards ceremony, and went downhill for cable and broadcast TV companies from there.

License plate scanning: The inside story of a cop who tracks our data

We talk to an Oakland, California stolen car investigator about how license plate scans are used to solve crimes.

How does SXSW choose which bands will showcase in Austin?

Apps and web services have given SXSW bookers more tools to check out new bands, but the MP3s bands send are still the deciding factor.

Simple mobile file sharing grows up: Meet the new wave of phone-to-phone apps

Shouldn’t it be easy to move a file directly from one mobile device to another?

Man of Steel soundtrack gets in your head with surround sound

A new audio technology recreates the multi-speaker surround sound of the movie theater in the left and right speakers of any old headphones.

U.S. consumers not buying Web advertisers’ ‘relevance’ argument for tracking

A new Adobe survey shows that most Web users don’t believe that online behavior tracking translates into more personalized content on the screen.

Apple's big-screen TV was a no-show at WWDC, but analysts say it's coming soon

Apple has conquered every important screen in our lives except one. The big screen in the living room is the final piece of the puzzle, and one day soon the Apple logo will be there too.


Mozilla and 41 privacy groups getting their war on over NSA surveillance flap

The group has launched a website ( and a petition, and has sent letters to both houses of Congress calling for a full investigation of the surveillance policies of the National Security Agency (NSA).

Parsing Prism denials: How could everyone possibly be telling the truth?

A number of theories are still available to make all the carefully worded statements and shifting facts sing harmoniously together today.