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Tested: T-Mobile's LTE is smokin' fast in seven cities

The "uncarrier" has already dumped contracts and is beating the bigger players on price. And now it's showing signs of rolling out a next-generation network that could correct its service-reliability problems.

AT&T stands to make $2.5 billion over the next five years from new "administrative" fee

The company, which now makes $65 per month on postpaid subscribers, says it needs the extra money to interconnection and operational costs.

AT&T clocks best overall speeds with 3G/4G combo

Verizon may have more LTE coverage, but AT&T's combination of fast LTE and reasonably fast HSPA+ service will keep most users in the fast lane most of the time.

Infographic: How fast are America's wireless networks?

We found a wide variety of speed scores in our tests—3G and 4G, upload and download, slow, fast, ugly... Here are the results in a nutshell, and how they reflect real-world smartphone use.

Infographic: What you need to know about LTE wireless

A new wireless buzzword is showing up on store shelves, TV ads, and billboards: LTE, or Long-Term Evolution. Our collection of facts about this next generation of wireless tech will keep you ahead of the curve.

AT&T has fastest LTE service, T-Mobile off to strong start

For the second year in a row, AT&T's LTE service proves to be the fastest in our nationwide study, while T-Mobile LTE is spreading rapidly and performing well. Verizon LTE is reasonably quick and available everywhere, while Sprint lacks speed in urban centers.

3G Tests

T-Mobile wins 3G shootout, Sprint and Verizon speeds fade

On the strength of high speeds in East Coast cities, T-Mobile 3G showed the highest 20-city average in our study, but network performance was hardly consistent nationwide. Sprint and Verizon averaged well less than 1 mbps for downloads.

TechHive's Wireless Week: Testing America's networks

We performed more than 18,000 tests of the major wireless services in 20 U.S. cities. Our goal? To name the nation's wireless-network winners and losers.

How we tested the nation's networks

Our approach to testing wireless service has always been to closely replicate how people use wireless service in the real world, and then measure how well it really works. That’s why we do the testing ourselves.

Which tech companies are looking out for your privacy?

The Electronic Freedom Foundation calls out for actively protecting personal data from the government, and Verizon, AT&T and Apple for, well, not.

Infographic: Gangnam Style vs. Harlem Shake on social media

Each video went viral and spawned numerous other versions, which also were shared globally on Twitter and Facebook.

Is Google your next cable company?

The company has now confirmed it will sell super-fast Internet and TV service in three cities, and seems poised to expand the service to more.


AT&T’s MiFi Liberate: Impressive speed, battery life

The touchscreen is just OK, and suggested media center functions left me unimpressed, but you can’t argue with high speeds and long battery life.

The best Boston marathon video was shot by amateurs

Boston Marathon bystanders uploaded smartphone footage of Monday's bombings to social networks with the help of Vine and YouTube.

Taxes Piggybank

How much tax do big tech companies pay?

U.S. tech companies routinely use clever accounting and offshore holdings to reduce their tax bills, in some cases dramatically.