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Philip has covered the Mac market since 1999, with a focus on the iPhone, iPad and iOS in recent years. In all that time, he has never tested a fart app.

Maplets for iPhone and iPad

Maplets boasts an extensive library of downloadable maps -- everything from transit systems to national parks. It's a great alternative to the built-in Maps offering, especially for those times when you don't have reliable network connectivity.

Nerd Fight!

Nerd Fight: Has Facebook become too cluttered?

Is Facebook getting too overloaded with shared links, Internet memes, and other fluff that drowns out your friends' status updates? One TechHive editor thinks so; the other counters that the problem may not be with Facebook.

Ski Safari for iPhone and iPad

Great gameplay with lots of engaging mini-challenges built in will keep you coming back to this side-scrolling casual game.

Review: Potty-training apps for iOS

Looking to teach your toddler how to use the potty? The App Store can help. But which of the many potty-training offerings are worth your time? Philip Michaels shares his findings after testing half-a-dozen offerings.

Mega Run for iPhone and iPad

This side-scrolling platform game will be familiar to anyone who's ever caught a glimpse of Super Mario Bros. But that doesn't make Mega Run any less fun to play.

Fix This App: Alfred

This restaurant recommendation app wants to tell you where your next meal is coming from, but it has a few flaws that have us hungering for improvements.

Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint for iPhone and iPad

This unique combination of a billiards game and physics puzzler stands out in a crowded game section of the iOS App Store.

WatchESPN for iPhone and iPad

This app from ESPN lets you watch live streaming video of sporting events and ESPN programming on your iPhone or iPad -- if you've got a strong enough Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Review: Soccer games vie for top honors on the iPhone, iPad

Soccer fans have plenty of options when it comes to simulating the beautiful game on their iPhone or iPad. But some games provide more of a kick than others.

Two World War II reference apps for the iPad

Both World War II Interactive and Timeline World War 2 do an admirable job at using iPad features to present facts and figures about the war in an engaging way. But it's the latter app that excels at putting its own unique stamp on presenting history.

Sports, social apps don't make for good teammates

While Twitter has been a boon for tech-savvy sports fans, the same can't be said for other sport-themed social networking services. Philip Michaels explains why so many of these offerings fall flat.

Verizon: Unlimited data plans are an endangered species

Speaking at an investor conference, Verizon's CFO said wireless subscribers with grandfathered unlimited data plans will soon have to move to a shared data plan if they want to upgrade to a 4G-compatible device.

Nerd Fight!

Nerd Fight: Will tablets with only Wi-Fi go away soon?

Jason Cross and Philip Michaels face off about Wi-Fi only tablets. Will they always exists, as Michaels argues, or will all tablets be cellular-equipped before long, as Cross asserts?

Fix This App: ESPN ScoreCenter

In the world of televised sports, ESPN has proclaimed itself the worldwide leader. In terms of mobile apps, though, it's more follower than leader, and ScoreCenter on iOS and Android illustrates just how much ESPN needs to step up its game.