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Get a free shared workspace for your small business

Bitrix24 offers a dash of BaseCamp, Dropbox, Zoho CRM, and more, and it's free for businesses with up to 12 users.

How to activate Windows 8's File History feature

This handy tool will automatically back up older versions of your files, much like Apple's Time Machine does for Macs.

Control Windows Media Center from afar with Ceton's My Media Center app

Originally a mobile app called Ceton Companion, the newly rebranded My Media Center is now available for Windows 8 as well.

Create a business plan on the cheap with Enloop

Don't know the first thing about writing business plans? This service will help you craft a masterful one—free of charge.

Access Rotten Tomatoes movie ratings in your Netflix library

With a little browser hacking, you can get more info on the movies you're thinking of watching.

How to choose a mobile charger

Shopping for a juice box for your travel gear? Make sure you do the right math before choosing one.

How to fix jerky YouTube video in Google Chrome

If you're a Chrome user who's tired of choppy playback, this quick fix should smooth things out.

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How to temporarily disable Microsoft Security Essentials

Think your anti-virus program is causing a conflict with some other program? Here's how to switch it off for temporary troubleshooting.

Master Microsoft Office keyboard shortcuts in a flash with KeyRocket

Originally just for Gmail, this handy tool now teaches shortcuts for Microsoft Office and Windows as well.

Automatically send new Hassle-Free PC posts to your Pocket account

Using the amazing If This Then That, you can get Hassle-Free PC (and other PC World columns) delivered right to your Pocket.

App Spotlight: Receipt scanner Piikki is free, today only

But don't worry if you miss out: It's only two bucks every other day.

ChargeCard: A smartphone sync cable for your wallet

Once a Kickstarter project, this pocket-friendly card can charge or sync an Android phone or iPhone.

How to make your Surface RT touchscreen respond faster

Bet you didn't know you could tweak a Surface's Registry. You can, and this hack helps reduce touchscreen lag time.

How to make your own wrist-rest

You can use a variety of household objects to keep your mouse hand warm and comfy and your wrist supported.

Finally, your laptop can charge your tablet

A new dongle from Digital Innovations solves the problem of underpowered USB ports.