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With an SSD, backups are more important than ever

It's a lot harder to recover data from a dead solid-state drive, so plan accordingly.

How to upgrade your external hard drive to USB 3.0

If your PC has USB 3.0 ports, you can get a big speed boost by relocating your external drive to a faster enclosure.

How to find out where you can see your favorite movie

A little-known feature on a big-name site will tell you when and how you can watch your favorite flicks.

How to make the power button shut down your Windows 8 system

If you prefer a complete shutdown to sleep or hibernate, it doesn't get much easier than this.

How to create a Windows 8 shutdown tile

Instead of jumping through the usual shutdown hoops, this tile lets you shut down or reboot with just one click or tap.

How to undo accidental browser zoom

Did everything in your Web browser suddenly get big? Or small? Here's the likely cause--and an easy fix.

Passwords: You're doing it wrong. Here's how to make them uncrackable.

In honor of "Password Day," McAfee shares some tips on creating hack-proof passwords.

Windows 8 tip: Restore the merge-folders option

Windows 8 insists on automatically merging the contents of like-named folders. Here's how to restore the options you had in Windows 7.

Get a free Windows 8 tips-and-tricks guide

If you're willing to part with a few bits of personal information, you can get a handy reference card for learning Windows 8's core functions.

Use Net Uptime Monitor to help diagnose Internet problems

When trying to troubleshoot a flaky Internet connection, this simple utility can help.

everclip primaryimage

App Spotlight: EverClip copies your iOS clipboard to Evernote

Great for mobile workers, this ingenious app imports everything you copy to the clipboard, then lets you save it all to Evernote.

How to build a bulletproof cloud backup system without spending a dime

The no-cost guide to backing up photos, documents, and more.

Why it's a good idea to own a USB-to-SATA adapter

When the time comes to replace or upgrade your hard drive, you'll be glad to have one of these inexpensive tools.

21 tips for supercharging your cloud storage

Enjoy offline access to essential files, get more gigabytes for free, and squeeze more productivity out of your cloud storage.

How to test-drive Office 2013 free for six months

The typical Office trial expires after 30 days, but it's easy (and legal!) to extend that period to a full 180 days. Here's how.