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Tim Greene covers security and keeps an eye on Microsoft for Network World.

iOS devices hobble Exchange servers when they sync

Microsoft and Apple recommend that businesses deny certain iPhones, iPads and iPods access to Calendar items.

Microsoft alum: Windows 8 "a much deadlier assault weapon" than Windows 7

Windows 8 is just what Microsoft needs to take advantage of the ongoing irreversible shift from PCs to handheld devices including iPads, iPhones, and other form factors yet to be designed, according to the company's former OEM chief.

Microsoft supports unified management for Cloud OS

This upgrade will enable businesses to manage data-center resources under a single platform.

Microsoft licensing deal with US military offers $100M in savings

The Army, Air Force and Defense Information Systems Agency banded together to exact a good high-volume deal from Microsoft based on the 2 million users who will be supported by the contract.

Surface RT begins its escape from Microsoft retail stores

Microsoft has altered its approach to selling Windows RT tablet/notebooks, at least in Australia. And the U.S. could soon follow.

Word vulnerability tops Microsoft's targets for Patch Tuesday

A vulnerability in Microsoft Word ranks among the top security problems that will be addressed December 11 by Microsoft's Patch Tuesday fixes.

Windows 8 adoption will take a while, says Microsoft

Business adoption of Windows 8 won't happen overnight. Here's why and how.

Office 365 email conks out twice within a week

Two email outages within one week of each other prevented emails from reaching inboxes.

Windows 8 gets first critical Patch Tuesday security bulletins

Windows 8 hasn't even been on sale for a month yet but is already the recipient of three critical security updates via Microsoft's monthly Patch Tuesday security bulletins, each of which will block flaws that allow remote execution of code on targeted machines.

Microsoft Build

Microsoft doubles down on Windows 8 developers

Microsoft is all-in on the biggest gamble in its history.

Businesses must evaluate Windows 8 now, experts say

Businesses should be looking at Windows 8 even if they are dead certain it won't be their operating system of choice for years to come, experts say.


Windows 8: Businesses may take years to adopt new OS

Windows 8 is so different from Windows 7 that the learning curve for end users will be a nightmare

PC sales drop: Blame Windows 8?

Customers waiting for Windows 8, as well as businesses completing the refresh of their inventories, triggered a dip in PC sales that may recover by year-end.

windows 8

Microsoft: Expect 100,000 Win 8 apps by Feb. 1; 400M devices by July

Microsoft has set some ambitious goals for Windows 8—400 million devices in customer hands by next July and more than 100,000 applications stocked in the Windows Store by the end of January, according to a top Microsoft sales exec.

Windows 8 tablets market share to quadruple in 2012

Windows 8 will help boost overall sales of tablets by nearly 10 million this year over estimates made just three months ago, but Android and Apple products will be the main driver behind the increase, according to IDC.