Tim GreeneSenior Editor, Network World

Tim Greene covers security and keeps an eye on Microsoft for Network World.

Microsoft Battles the Bots

Zeus botnet server takedowns and other small victories in Microsoft's crusade help keep the web safer, but only for a while.

Wanted: Windows 8 Developers

Interested in hands-on help in creating Metro style apps for Microsoft's new operating system? Microsoft has a free one-day developer camp just for you.

Windows 8 Carries Heavy Expectations

Dell's counting on Windows tablets, and so are analysts looking for a market boost. But questions of availability and early critiques remain.

Windows 8 Tablets: Just as Crisp as the iPad's Retina?

Windows 8 specs include displays that are even sharper than Apple's fabled Retina display, which Apple claims is as clear as the human eye is capable of seeing.

Yes, Microsoft Wants Windows 8 to Compete With iPads

Windows development blog shows how to translate iPad apps into Metro apps.

LulzSec Is Back; Anonymous Targets Imperva

Hacker collective LulzSec, six of whose members were arrested earlier this month, will resume active operation April 1, according to a video posted on YouTube.

Microsoft Pushes Metro on Win 8 Developers

Fitting into the Metro style of Windows 8 will make things easier on end users, developers say of Microsoft's message.

Microsoft: Don't Hate on IE 10

Microsoft says its latest version of Internet Explorer clears out a lot of clutter and creates a more immersive browser experience when paired with Windows 8's touch environment.

Microsoft Offers Credits for 'Leap Day' Azure Outage

To make up for a string of outages that were caused by a software bug in its Azure cloud services Microsoft is granting affected customers a credit.

Microsoft Windows

Windows 8 Reviews: A Roundup

Early reviews of Windows 8 describe it variously as speedy and elegant to unintuitive, with a learning curve that may be worth it.

Burning Questions the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Should Answer

When Windows 8 Consumer Preview is available Wednesday it should answer questions that the earlier developers' preview didn't.