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Tony is principal analyst with the Bradley Strategy Group, providing analysis and insight on tech trends. He is a prolific writer on a range of technology topics, has authored a number of books, and is a frequent speaker at industry events.

windows 8

Microsoft could render Windows 8.1 more appealing to IT admins

Microsoft has made sweeping changes and added a variety of new features to Windows 8.1 that make it a better OS for business users and IT admins.

Microsoft should kill Lync rather than integrate it with Skype

Microsoft announced that Lync and Skype can now share contacts and presence information, but there’s still work to be done to integrate them fully.

Pros and cons of opening iOS to third-party developers

Some users may be salivating over the possibility that Apple will make iOS more open, but there are potential negative consequences as well.

Microsoft can learn a crucial lesson from BlackBerry

The tepid response to the news that BBM will be available for iOS and Android should be a wake up call for Microsoft and its strategy for Microsoft Office.

Pentagon clearance for iOS could open even more doors for Apple in the private sector

Industries like finance and healthcare may take a closer look at iOS now that it has the Pentagon seal of approval.

Microsoft takes care of IE zero day with Patch Tuesday update

Microsoft released 10 security bulletins for Patch Tuesday, including a patch for a recently discovered zero day exploit for Internet Explorer.

Microsoft takes the offensive against Google, and it's about time

Microsoft is being uncharacteristically aggressive with a series of marketing ads aimed at its chief rival, Google.

Why changing your LivingSocial password won’t save you

Changing your LivingSocial password is a good first step, but the attackers already have crucial information you can’t change or undo.

Younity 1.5 could render cloud storage obsolete

Cloud storage has been crucial for mobile computing, but Younity takes a different approach that lets you abandon the cloud and still have access to your data while you're on the go.

Take steps to secure what little online privacy you still have

Living in a connected, online world is encroaching on our privacy, but if you use the security tools available you can maintain some sense of control.


Smaller Windows 8 tablets will be huge

Microsoft can capitalize on the popularity of smaller, cheaper tablets to carve out a larger market for Windows 8.


Why the Start button is Microsoft's 'New Coke' moment

Companies make mistakes, but sometimes there’s an opportunity to change course and reverse the damage. Windows Blue can be that opportunity for Microsoft.

The real reasons to blame Windows 8 for plummeting PC sales

PC sales are dropping like a rock, and Windows 8 may be to blame—but not for the reasons you might assume.

Want Microsoft Office on iOS or Android? You may wait until 2014

A leaked roadmap for Office 'Gemini' indicates that Outlook RT and Office for iOS and Android won’t be launched until the end of next year.

Prepare now to survive the end of Windows XP

A year from now, Microsoft will stop supporting the archaic Windows XP operating system. Make haste in migrating to another OS.