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Review: Easy-to-use window manager Mosaico makes sense of your desktop

Mosaico is an innovative desktop tool that simplifies window managing where others fail to do so. Its only weak point is its current lack of Windows 8 support.

Review: Free Opener can open almost any type of file you can think of

Free Opener truly can open a large amount of formats, including documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, media, and code. Sadly, it can’t edit most of them.

Review: Enjoy slick Web apps on your desktop with Cubiez

Cubiez takes Web apps out of the browser and brings them to your desktop, to be enjoyed at any time.

Review: Krento is a productivity-boosting launcher and Start-menu replacement

Krento is a feature-rich launcher, widget manager, and Start-menu replacement that can launch any file, folder, program, or website you can think of.

Review: GmailWiz is a productivity tool that might hurt your productivity

GmailWiz tries to save you time when it comes to repetitive emails, but a long list of bugs and missing features make it a disappointing choice.

Review: Create stunning websites in minutes for free with Tackk

Anyone can create a beautiful website with Tackk, no coding or design skills needed. It's free and cross-platform, too.

Review: Free Video Call Recorder for Skype records unlimited video and audio for free

Free Video Call Recorder for Skype is a simple yet effective utility that makes it easy to record both audio and video Skype calls.

Review: Utopia Documents makes PDF articles easy to explore, not so much to read

Utopia Documents turns every article into a world of information, bringing every piece of relevant online information to your fingertips.

Five essential Pokki apps bring the best of mobile and the Web to your desktop

Desktop apps can be lumbering beasts, but bloated browsers can make Web apps just as problematic. The Pokki platform runs sprightly Web and mobile apps on your desktop, no browser required.

Review: Angry Birds for Pokki lets you play the Chrome version on your desktop

Angry Birds for Pokki brings the Angry Birds Chrome experience right to your desktop.

Review: Pulse app for Pokki brings the news to your desktop

With this Pokki app, you can use popular mobile reader Pulse on your PC desktop.

Review: Gmail Lite brings Gmail to your desktop via Pokki

Gmail Lite is an incredibly lightweight Gmail client that takes email out of your browser and brings it to your desktop. It runs on the Pokki platform.

Review: Wunderlist for Pokki brings the to-do list (not the bloat) to your PC

If you're a Wunderlist user, the Pokki version of the app will look very familiar, with every feature you've come to expect from other versions of Wunderlist. However, it runs much lighter than the Windows version.

Review: Free Editor lets you open and edit over 70 different file types for free

Free Editor is a free program for editing documents, spreadsheets, images, code files, Windows system files and more. Although it feels responsive, some UI issues make it less useful than it should be.

Review: For a tune-up suite, System Mechanic is a good choice

System Mechanic is a full tune-up suite that can optimize almost every aspect of your PC and help you keep it optimized.