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Review: Auslogics Duplicate File Finder frees up hard drive space quickly

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder provides a simple and easy way to get rid of duplicate files. It's not the most full-featured program of its type, but works just fine...and it's free.

Review: Easy Duplicate Finder helps rid PCs of file duplicates

Easy Duplicate Finder is a feature-rich duplicate file detector that can keep your file chaos under control. Though powerful, it's expensive and sometimes buggy.

This video game can help kids control their anger

Sometimes, for various reasons, children become very angry—so angry, in fact, that parents become helpless and send them in for psychological and even psychiatric treatment, which may include medication. Naturally, the angry kids tend to resist these efforts as well, but how can they resist a computer game?

DIY demon is this year's best costume (and other things we didn't cover)

Halloween is fast approaching, and unlike normal people, for us GeekTechers it doesn't merely mean pumpkins, candy, and costumes; it means gadgetized pumpkins, candy, and costumes! If you're not yet ready for Halloween, check out this Halloween-themed edition of GeekBytes for all the cool creepy (yes, gadgetized creepy!) things we didn't cover.

'Bye Bye Laundry' freshens up your clothes without using water

This gadget concept could remove odors from your clothes without forcing you to wash them.

Review: Tweeki is a beautiful, mobile-like desktop client for Twitter

Tweeki is a simple Twitter client with a gorgeous yet simple interface. It has a few limitations, though, and it's best used on just one account.

CAPTCHA system blocks trolls from your website (and other things we didn't cover)

What do CAPTCHAs, robots, and Kickstarter have in common? Not much, as it turns out—aside from the fact that they're all in this Friday edition of GeekBytes.

Rain Room lets you walk through a downpour without getting wet

There is something magical about a downpour, but it's not so magical when you get into the office dripping wet, and have to sit uncomfortably for the rest of the day. If you've ever wished you could walk in the rain without getting soaked, this new Random International exhibition is just for you.

Create cardboard cutout figures with Foldable.me

Foldable.me lets you design your own foldable cardboard figure, and ships it worldwide for free.

Free software makes Hollywood-style effects (and other things we didn't cover)

Friday is here, and the week is almost over. Just before you go off to enjoy the last remnants of summer, it's time to be amazed by some of this week's best geeky technology feats that we weren't able to get to otherwise.

DARPA's detection system uses your brainwaves to detect threats faster than you can

The Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System makes use of brainwaves to eliminate false alarms and detect video threats quickly.

ReadCube: An excellent all-in-one tool for organizing, finding, reading and annotating PDF articles

ReadCube is an all-in-one tool for organizing, finding, reading and annotating PDF articles. Aside from occasional trouble with certain articles, it works very well, especially considering it's still in beta.

GPS Kit Kat bars know where you are (and other things we didn't cover)

No one can report all of the news all of the time, but we can definitely report all of the news some of time! Here are some interesting geek bits we didn't get to cover during the day. Get a load of GeekBytes, September 21, 2012.

The Skube is a radio for Last.fm and Spotify that helps you discover new music

The beautifully designed Skube is a real radio that plays the music you likes and physically connects with your friends to discover new music

Expressive robot helps researchers understand trust

An unusually expressive robot helped scientist figure out which cues cause humans to trust or distrust each other after a short conversation.