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Boxee Live TV Tuner Review: Device Adds Over-the-Air to Boxee Lineup

The new Boxee Live TV tuner targets Boxee customers who want to dump cable service--but since most sets can already receive live TV, it's worthwhile only if you want to integrate other Boxee features.

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Western Digital Gets Into the Home Networking Game

Best known for its hard drives, Western Digital today launches a line of Wi-Fi routers designed with streaming media in mind, including one with built-in network storage.

Sony VAIO T13: A Middle-of-the-Road Ultrabook

Sony's take on the Ultrabook is more mainstream than stripped-down, with solid if not stellar performance and a surprisingly reasonable price tag.

Netgear Adds to Its 802.11ac Lineup

Netgear says its first next-gen Wi-Fi router will go on sale next week, with a lower-end version and a USB notebook adapter to follow this summer.

Engagio Creates a Universal Inbox for Social Network Messages

Social network aggregation service adds Chrome Gmail integration and the ability to follow friends' public discussions across multiple services.

Buffalo Claims Victory in Race to Bring 802.11ac Gear to Retail

Buffalo Technology says its first 802.11ac router and media bridge are on sale now, making it the first to market with next-generation gigabit Wi-Fi gear.

CloudOn Adds Android, Google Drive Support for Its Virtual Office Service

Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich tablet owners can now use CloudOn to create and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

D-Link DIR-605L Cloud Router Review: Strong Monitoring Capabilities but Indifferent Performance

This router lets you monitor and control some network functions from an Internet-connected iOS or Android device.

Corel WordPerfect Office X6 Professional Edition Review: A Suite Filled With Extra Features

In a Microsoft Office-dominated world, Corel's productivity suite offers an alternative with all sorts of extras and Office-format support.

Cisco Revamps Its Small Business Network Gear Offerings

Cisco's latest routers, access points, and other networking products add 802.11n support and an assortment of business-friendly features.

CloudOn Puts Office on Your iPad for Free--For Now

CloudOn is the most developed of the services that offer Office apps on an iPad. It's currently free, but will likely start charging soon.

OnLive Desktop: Virtual Office Apps on Your iPad

With OnLive Desktop, you can run Microsoft programs, such as Word and Excel, that normally wouldn't work on an iPad. But the interface doesn't always make it easy to use them.

First Look: Nivio Cloud Software Service Is Promising, but Overly Complicated

This beta service is too difficult to get up and running, but it's capable of bringing many different kinds of apps to your tablet.

Can Your Software Live in the Cloud?

Services such as CloudOn, Nivio, and OnLive are bringing full-blown Office apps to iPads and other mobile devices.