Don't-Miss CES Stories


Sony 4K HDR TVs come with a streaming video service to match

With Ultra, Sony tries to fill the HDR content gap in its latest high-end TVs.

Sony gives 4K TV buyers something to watch

Sony is all about the buzzwords at CES, with a low-light camera, 4K streaming service, fancy HDR TVs, and new entries for the Internet of Things.

Yuneec's Typhoon H drone

Intel demos collision-avoidance drone that will go on sale this year

Intel put on an entertaining show for its CES opening keynote Tuesday night, with BMX bikes jumping across the stage and a live demo of a drone that can avoid obstacles in flight.

honor 5x

The Honor 5X is a mid-tier Chinese smartphone wrapped in high-end clothing

Huawei's hipper gadget brand has also announced a budget smartwatch that works with both Android and iOS.

Acer Liquid Jade Primo: Finally a new third-party flagship Windows phone

Acer says that it will begin shipping its Liquid Jade Primo phone next month, with what appears to be some premium specs. But when will it ship to the U.S.?

Radar Pace

Oakley's new sunglasses are a fitness coach that whispers in your ear

Oakley will sell a pair of smart sunglasses that track your movements when you work out and coach you with voice commands.

Quick Glance: Take a peek at Voxel8's multi-material 3D printer's Rich Hein takes a look at Voxel8 at CES, a company that is looking down the road, trying to take their 3D printing technology from making prototypes to fully functional 3D printed objects.

Hands-on with the Mcor Arke

Join us as's Rich Hein offers up a first look at Mcor's 2nd generation SDL 3D printer.

Hands-on with the New Matter Mod-T

New Matters newest plastic filament offering is looking to make 3D printing affordable for everyone.

Skulpt Chisel gives you the facts about your body fat

This $99 Bluetooth device measures your body fat and assesses your muscle quality.

Acer's Aspire Switch 12 S tablet is loaded with the latest tech

The Aspire Switch 12 S tablet hybrid includes a 4K screen, Thunderbolt 3 port, 3D camera, and a keyboard attachment, for $999.

Hands on with the Ring Stick Up cam wireless security camera

Ring Stick Up Cam wireless security camera offers motion detection and two-way audio for $200.

img 9931

Sony goes retro with a new record player

In an era of self-driving cars and wearable computers, Sony delivered something of a surprise at CES on Tuesday: a new record player.

Sony goes retro with a record player

Sony's record player has USB connectivity to digitize vinyl.

one smart piano

Turn sheet music into an easy-to-learn game with the One Smart Piano

This digital piano teaches you how to play with keys that light up.

One Smart Piano can teach newbies how to play

The keys light up, so if you can play Guitar Hero, you can learn piano.

Intel ESPN deal

Intel's Curie chip to convey thrills and spills of Winter X Games

People who tune into the Winter X Games in Colorado this month will get a heightened sense of the action thanks to a tie-up between Intel and ESPN, which sponsors the event.

smarter kitchen

Smarter's new kitchen gadgets include the food-photographing Fridge Cam

This camera's snapshots aren't Instagram-worthy, but they will help you grocery shop on the fly.

Qualcomm CES

Qualcomm's new chip will turn your next car into a self-driving theater on wheels

Qualcomm unwrapped a new family of Snapdragon processors at CES that threaten to turn your car into something that feels more like a fairground than a mode of transport.

samsung family hub

Samsung's Family Hub smart refrigerator is both ridiculous and amazing

Samsung just put a 21.5-inch high-definition touchscreen on a fridge. Why? How about why not?

zte avidplus 0281

ZTE takes the cheap road with the Grand X 3 and Avid Plus

Both Android-powered smartphones are under $150, and ZTE's hoping they'll sell well enough to keep them in the top spot for low-end marketshare.

Hopper 3 with HopperGO

Dish Network’s Hopper 3 DVR records 16 TV shows at once; can display four 1080p windows on the same 4K TV

And with the satellite-TV service provider's new HopperGO, you can you take up to 100 hours of recorded content on the road.

huawei ces 2016 0376

Hands-on: Huawei’s MediaPad M2 10.0 might give Samsung’s Tab S2 a run for its money

We also went hands-on with Huawei’s elegant Jewel Watch and its international flagship, the Mate 8.

Toyota Highway Teammate

Google loses robotics chief to Toyota's $1B research lab

James Kuffner, the head of Google's robotics division and one of the original team of ten who started its self-driving car work, has left the company for a job at Toyota's $1 billion research institute in Silicon Valley.

neorest 750h

Every well-connected home needs a smart toilet that cleans itself--among other things

Toto's Neorest 750H needs as little as 0.8 gallons to flush, and it uses ultraviolet light, an ultra-smooth glaze, and electrolyzed water to prevent grime build-up.