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2017 chevy bolt 3qtr view

2017 Chevy Bolt drive: This 200-mile EV could cure my range anxiety

For everyone who can't afford a Tesla Model S, the Chevy Bolt offers nearly as much range for about $30,000, plus other future-y features that anyone could like.

2017 Chevy Bolt drive: This 200-mile EV could cure your range anxiety

The Chevy Bolt's longer range and a host of futuristic features should go a long way toward making the electric car more appealing to the masses.

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12 noteworthy Bluetooth speakers we’re looking forward to reviewing this year

If you haven’t listened to Bluetooth speakers lately, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Oculus Rift

Alienware announces an Oculus Rift bundle, and the first OLED gaming laptop

Alienware showed gamers some love at CES, offering a discounted Oculus Rift with its X51 system and announcing an OLED Alienware 13 laptop.

Digital Storm shows off the latest trends in PC cooling fashion

Still rocking flex tubes on your custom PC mod? That's so last year. 2016 is all about hard tubes, chrome elbows, and no bends.

asus claymore keyboard

Asus ROG Claymore keyboard lets you switch the 10-key number pad to the other side

Want to get your mouse a little closer? Just pull off the number pad and snap it onto the left.

ASUS ROG Claymore gaming keyboard at CES 2016

The Claymore lets you switch the 10-key number pad to the other side.

silverstone cpu01 cable 2

Meet Silverstone's CPU01, a reversible USB cable that works with your older phone

Eat your heart out USB-C, this cable does reversible without requiring a new phone

Silverstone's new cables give any phone a reversible experience

Silverstone's new USB cable means you don't have to buy a new phone to get that USB-C experience


Lenovo, Google partner on Project Tango smartphone

Lenovo is partnering with Google to develop a new smartphone that could change the way people see and understand the physical world around them.

project tango phone announced lenovo google

Lenovo and Google announce plans for first consumer Project Tango phone by this summer

First Project Tango phone will be smaller than 6.5 inches, cost less than $500 and feature multiple cameras.


Drones, VR, connected cars - The Wrap, CES 2016

On The Wrap this week, we take a look at the best of CES including virtual reality, the latest drones and connected cars ... and Nick says goodbye after 8 years of bringing you the latest tech news.

nextbit 0465

Nextbit Robin is launching soon—here’s what to expect

We’ve got the details on the official packaging, the almost-final hardware, and when you can expect to buy the phone.

LG Gram 15 laptop

LG's new Gram 15 shows big-screened laptops can be light, too

Shortly after bringing its Gram line of laptops to the U.S., LG unveiled a new addition to its ultralight computer lineup with a 15-inch display at CES this year.

0107 drone control 4

Inside the mobile drone command post of the future

At a fraction of the cost of a helicopter, it's no surprise that public safety agencies and media companies are eyeing drones for serious work but how to monitor and control them? The Trident is a converted Mercedes Benz van that can act as a complete mobile command post for drones.


The 10 most outrageous TVs of CES 2016

You’re not going to buy these TVs anyway, so you might as well admire them from afar. Here are most intriguing TVs we’ve found at the show.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga: A business class laptop with flexibility

Lenovo unveiled a new addition to its ThinkPad X1 line at CES, with a touchscreen and Yoga hinge to turn it from a laptop into a tablet.

Haier Magic Mirror delivers the sci-fi future we were promised in the movies

Check the weather, get the news, and scroll through Facebook while you get ready for your day.

huawei honor 5x selfie

Honor 5X is an Android phone made for millennials

Not only does the phone offer plenty of bang for you buck, but it also offers a fun camera mode called “perfect selfie.”

Huawei's Honor 5X is made for millennials

The "perfect selfie" mode ensures that every photo of yourself you take is enhanced to make you look great.

Valencell: The technology behind fitness wearables

Raleigh, N.C.-based tech provider Valencell has its figurative finger on the pulse of wearables. Actually, it's not that figurative, as the company's "biophysical characterization" technology uses biological information and environmental "noise" to deliver biometric information from a wearer's blood flow. In other words, its technology may well be in your next wearable. Next on the company's horizon? A possible movie into the medical or healthcare fields.

intel booth ces 2016

The sights and sounds of Intel: A dazzling CES booth tour

Intel's booth at CES is always a hotbed of exciting new tech. PCWorld editor Mark Hachman takes you inside for a personal tour.

letv lemax pro

LeTV's LeMax Pro is the first Android phone of the year to use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820

But don’t get too excited: the phone won’t be available in the U.S. for quite some time.

Hands-on: Omnity's search tool

Omnity is a research tool for enterprises that allows for searches based on phrases and context rather than relying on simple keywords. The results -- in both visual and textual formats -- can allow academics and corporate users to supercharge their searches and more easily glean information from disparate sources. Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Omnity uses algorithms that find connections between the rarely shared words in a sentence or paragraph and then research those connections.

Morpx Mu for toys

Morpx adds an electronic eye to your high-tech toys

Morpx's Mu for Toys gives toys like the Lego Mindstorms EV3 rudimentary vision.