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Nvidia's screaming Tesla P100 GPU will power one of the world's fastest computers

It didn't take long for Nvidia's monstrous Tesla P100 GPU to make its mark in an ongoing race to build the world's fastest computers.

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Servers with Nvidia's Tesla P100 GPU will ship next year

Nvidia's fastest GPU yet, the new Tesla P100, will be available in servers next year, the company said.

nvidia tesla p100 pascal graphics

Nvidia's Pascal GPU tech specs revealed: Full CUDA count, clock speeds, and more

Here's what Nvidia's monstrous new Pascal GPU looks like under the hood. Let's dive into the tech specs.


Nvidia's DGX-1 supercomputer packs the horsepower of 250 servers

Your electric bills could soar if you kept Nvidia's monster DGX-1 computer running continuously for one month.

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Nvidia's monstrous Pascal GPU is packed with cutting-edge tech and 15 billion transistors

The Pascal GPU beating at the heart of Nvidia's Tesla P100 graphics module is stuffed with radical new technology.

FirePro S9300 X2 graphics card

AMD's monstrous new FirePro S9300 X2 pro graphics card packs a pair of Fiji GPUs

AMD is releasing one monster graphics card after another as the GPU speed battle with Nvidia heats up.

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Graphics card dissection: We dismembered a video card to show you how it works

R.I.P. Radeon R9 290. We pay our respects to this high-end GPU's component parts.


Intel may turn to AMD for Radeon graphics tech licensing

A rumored Intel-AMD graphics patent deal could mean a lot, or very little.

6th gen intel core package

Intel adds Vulkan 1.0 support to Windows PC chips for gaming

Windows games have mostly been defined by DirectX 12 tools, but a competitive API is coming to PCs running on Intel chips.

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AMD open to making graphics chips for mobile handheld devices

AMD is open to making a graphics processor for mobile devices based on its Radeon product line, but only in select circumstances.


How AMD plans to conquer virtual reality: An interview with Radeon boss Raja Koduri

AMD wants to make VR headsets lighter while making visuals more realistic with its GPU technology.

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Nvidia's GameWorks 3.1 SDK adds striking new games tech; PhysX bodies gets 6x boost

Nvidia's fleshing out its GameWorks middleware with a host of new technologies that first appeared in The Division, Fallout 4, and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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Asus reveals two tiny, unique GTX 950 graphics cards that don't need extra power

If you need a new graphics card for your HTPC or want to beef up your prebuilt PC, take a look at these two cards that don't require power from a PCIe connector.

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Nvidia's new Game Ready drivers are crashing systems, but there's a fix

Blue Screens of Death and other nightmares reported from multi-monitor WIndows 10 users updating to Nvidia's latest Game Ready drivers.

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The best PC game video capture software: 5 free recording tools compared

If you want to record video of your PC games, there's a slew of software that can help you do it. We take a look at five of the best game capture programs around.