Don't-Miss Consumer Advice Stories

Drawing on iPad Pro in OneNote vs. Evernote

The OneNote and Evernote note-taking apps are both useful, but one is thoughtfully designed for use with the iPad Pro and Apple's Pencil stylus, while the other ... isn't.

Rugged smartphones' dirty little secret

A number of leading phone manufacturers, including Samsung and Motorola, 'ruggedized' some of their flagship products in an attempt to reduce screen shatters. But they overlooked another common area of display damage: scratches.

Galaxy S7 vs. GS7 Active: 4 reasons to go rugged's Al Sacco compares Samsung's popular Galaxy S7 smartphone to the new ruggedized GS7 Active and points out ways the rugged version outperforms its more delicate counterpart.

Rapid review: Uno Noteband wearable

In this quick video review, Managing Editor Al Sacco goes hands-on with the Uno Noteband wearable notification monitor and fitness tracker.

Eddy Awards 2012 - In The Office

As we drain the last days out of 2012, we celebrate the best of the year by way of Macworld’s Editors’ Choice Awards—an annual tribute to the best hardware, software, technologies, and services in the Apple-centric world. For this episode I’ve drafted Roman Loyola and Dan Miller—the two editors largely responsible for putting together those awards—to discuss the process we use to choose the winners as well as talk about some of the products that got the nod.