Partners Play Key Role in Digital IT Success

Digital transformation is changing everything about information technology, and even the business itself. As IT morphs from a back-office function, to a knowledge-worker enabler, to an all-encompassing, integrated part of every employee and most things in a company, the traditional IT staff’s role is changing rapidly.

Rather than functioning as a “keep-the-lights-on” department, successful IT teams are becoming core to business and technology strategy. They are helping their companies build a digital strategy—including internal IT capabilities, such as next-generation collaborative mobile environments; digital marketing strategies, such as the company’s online presence; and digital business strategies, or the integration of technology into products the company sells. That’s not an easy transition, particularly as most companies are having trouble finding people with the skillsets they need to execute on the new business-technology functions.

As a result, they must rely on their partners and trusted advisors to offload select IT functions, with flexible rollout schedules. Instead of running every IT capability, IT staff members will manage their partners, who in turn, will handle a variety of capabilities—from mobile device programming and management, to LAN/WAN management, to security capabilities, to application development. The demand for integrated, packaged service portfolios, with flexible, utility-based pricing will continue to grow in support of the changing IT environment.

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There’s a better way to Wireless: Mobility-as-a-Service

Let’s face it. Today, your business and your people need the right technology to succeed. But acquiring and maintaining powerful wireless devices with flexible service plans comes at a significant cost, and the demands of your workforce never stop changing. So how can you keep up with what they need and keep costs under control?

Enter Mobility-as-a-Service from Sprint – A way better way to get wireless, for way less. Flexible service plans, iconic devices, set-up, dedicated support, and much more at a single, predictable cost.

How We Can Help

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