Solving Growing Pains As Smartphones Mingle the Business and the Personal

Gone are the days when BYOD was frowned upon by business executives and IT departments. Today, people are using their personal smartphones for myriad business applications at work, as well as to for shopping at home (OK, maybe on their lunch break).

Recent data shows that work and personal phone use have truly merged. About three-quarters of all smartphone owners now use their personal devices for business purposes, according to a recent IDG/Heymarket survey, which queried 1,000 personal and business smartphone users. Mobile customer contact is growing among business users, who find it fast and convenient.

Mobility is a sea change that goes well beyond the technology itself. People who use a personal device expect a fast, personalized experience at every touchpoint of interaction, whether it’s with a business, a colleague, or a customer.

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Why You Need Mobile Messaging Management

There’s no question that texting is an extraordinarily effective way of reaching customers. Research shows that 98% of text messages are read, 90% of them within the first three seconds, and as many as 80% of customers respond.

But to succeed with mobile messaging, you need to do more than sit back and encourage your staff to text customers. Unlike email campaigns, texts can be tough to track—they reside on the personal phone of the employee who sends them. If that person is absent or leaves, other staffers have no idea where the customer is in the buyer journey. They may not even know who the customer is.

Another problem is that ordinary texting doesn’t lend itself to data analysis, an important tool to show you now only who’s buying, but why. And it doesn’t integrate nicely with your CRM database or your marketing templates the way email does.

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Boost Your Business With Mobile Messaging

The world has changed radically since text messaging was introduced back in 1992. Though initial growth of texting was slow—in 2000, users averaged 35 messages a month—since the explosion of the Internet and later BYOD, it has skyrocketed for both consumers and businesses.

Today, 97% of Americans send at least one text a day, and many use SMS more heavily. Globally, 8 trillion texts are sent every year.

People like texting because it’s immediate and intimate. It has become a normal part of everyday interaction, like talking.

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