Don't-Miss BlackBerry Phone Stories

blackberry dtek50

Blackberry announces DETK50, a secure $299 Android phone

The company says it's 'the world's most secure Android phone,' but is that enough to spur sales?

classic black white2

RIP: The BlackBerry Classic (and its iconic keyboard) is dead

The BlackBerry Classic was the last phone to offer users the original BlackBerry physical keyboard experience.

priv 0190

BlackBerry slips into the red as revenue drops by a third

It looks as though BlackBerry CEO John Chen will still be in charge long enough to launch another couple of phones -- although don't expect any new flagship models.

Facebook kills off BlackBerry support, just like WhatsApp

WhatsApp is leaving BlackBerry, and now its parent company Facebook is too.

WhatsApp (1)

WhatsApp gives up on BlackBerry, Nokia, and more

WhatsApp beats BlackBerry to the punch and dumps support for BlackBerry 10.