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video/webcast | Presented by IBM

How Multi-National Organizations Deal with Data Privacy on Mobile Devices

Join special guest, IDC analyst Phil Hochmuth, and IBM mobility expert, Kaushik Srinivas, as we discuss challenges IT teams at global organizations are facing with BYOD

case study | Presented by NaviSite

Using Managed Hosting to Improve Life for Customers and its IT Team

Navisite offered better disaster recovery and business continuity (BCDR) planning than his internal solution. Equally important, with Navisite managing O365, Wester saw the opportunity to make more strategic use of the hours his IT team were spending checking hardware, mail flow, and spam.

white paper | Presented by NaviSite

10 Things You Need to Know about Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud infrastructure-bringing together on-premises and cloud capabilities-is a strategy many enterprises are embracing in order to maximize the flexibility and performance they need from their IT operations. Here are 10 things to think about as you consider a hybrid cloud strategy for your organization.

Blazing-fast Connectivity Powers Direct-to-gamer Video Game Development

CIG chose to work with Spectrum Enterprise to equip its US development studios with ultra high-speed Internet.

Fiber Enables Security and Stability for Catskill Hudson Bank's Virtual Branches

Today, the Spectrum Enterprise solution includes an Ethernet Local Area Network (ELAN) connecting more than a dozen bank branches, with circuits ranging from 10 to 50 Mbps depending on the branch location's needs.

Fiber Technology Helps Green Dot Public Schools Transform Schools-and Students' Lives

Spectrum Enterprise has played a key role, delivering the high performance solutions Keelen needs for Green Dot schools that have become "hungry for Internet bandwidth in a way that didn't exist even two years ago."

High Growth Best Practices

This guide gives you an overview of the steps you need to build a foundation for sustainable growth-the kinds of investments, drivers and differentiators that are involved. It does so through the words and experiences of fellow decision makers who've overcome daunting technology challenges, and in doing so realized their greatest achievements.<br/><br/>Use the guide to get ready for great achievements of your own.

white paper | Presented by NaviSite

Hybrid Cloud: What it Really Means to the Future of Enterprise IT

Hybrid cloud implementation has become an increasingly popular strategy. Once viewed as a transitional stage on the way to a more complete cloud implementation, hybrid cloud is now seen as having its own set of market dynamics.

white paper | Presented by NaviSite

IDG White Paper: Hybrid Cloud: The Path to Diversified IT Environments

This IDC White Paper analyzes trends related to accelerating adoption and usage of cloud-based hosting infrastructure services and the associated business benefits along with providing insights into organizations that are considering the hybrid cloud approach for their IT environments -- highlighting Navisite's range of cloud hosting services and managed solutions.

Strong Network Performance Required A Robust BCDR Plan

Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plans ensure a company's ability to continue business uninterrupted and survive unforeseen disruptions.

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