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white paper | Presented by Cisco

Cisco Network Architecture Migration Services

The network connects all things digital. To succeed in the digital age, your network needs to evolve to help your business reach its full digital potential. We know that network migration initiatives are complex and demanding. They affect your customer and employee traffic and can significantly upset your business continuity. You need a smooth transition.

white paper | Presented by Cisco

Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches with Cisco Cloud Scale Technology

Data center networks have been rapidly evolving in recent years to address the changing nature of data center workloads. The modern data center workload is dominated by server-to-server traffic with intensive communication across hundreds and even thousands of servers.

white paper | Presented by Cisco

Cisco Solutions for Data Intensive Workloads At a Glance

Digital transformation is driving dramatic growth in unstructured data. And it's growing more rapidly than most IT leaders believe, propelled by big data, Internet of Things (IoT), systems telemetry, collaboration, and streaming video. Everyone is challenged to forecast and be prepared for this vast wave of data. And end-user expectations for speed and agility are greater than ever.

white paper | Presented by Cisco

Cisco Unified Computing Services at a Glance

The success of your business depends on the availability and performance of your business applications. And the secure, flexible transport of application workloads across your data center is paramount to this success. Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) addresses the application delivery challenges faced by IT in dynamic virtualization, cloud, and big data environments.

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Cisco Unified Computing System at a Glance

The Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) is a revolutionary new computing architecture designed for IT innovation and business acceleration. The Cisco UCS enables Fast IT by combining computing, networking, and storage infrastructure with management and virtualization to offer exceptional speed, simplicity, and scalability.

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Cisco Virtual Beacon Technology

The world is at an inflection point, where smart devices (phones, tablets, and laptops) are taking over as the predominant computing platform. While this can present various challenges from a wireless operations and management standpoint, it also opens up huge opportunities for business.

case study | Presented by Cisco

Domo Case Study

Read this Case study to learn how Cisco helped Domo shift data-intensive processes to improve application performance and reduce operating cost.

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eBook Programmability and Automations with Open NX-OS

This book explores Open NX-OS and many of the tools and options it provides. The chapters below examine the drivers for net work automation, the fundamental supporting technologies, and the many new capabilities now avail able to net work infrastructures. Real-world use cases are provided that can be immediately utilized for a successful transition to more efficient, safer, repeat able operations.

white paper | Presented by Cisco

IDC Business Value Brief_Cisco Tetration Analytics

Cisco Systems, with over 70,000 employees and annual worldwide revenue of close to $50 billion, is a leading provider of networking solutions. In total, Cisco has almost 3,000 business applications at datacenters around the world that support its employees and customer-facing services. At this scale of operations, Cisco must constantly improve its ability to balance performance, agility, security, and cost.

white paper | Presented by Cisco

IDC Technology Spotlight_The Increasing Need for Real-Time Datacenter Analytics

This paper examines the need for and business value of pervasive, real-time visibility across the datacenter network. It also looks at the role of Cisco in the market for real-time datacenter analytics solutions.

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