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ebook | Presented by Google

Google Next 2017 Keybook

Google is excited to be delivering this e-book as a resource to our customers and all others in the cloud community. We've been asked to share insights and highlight up-and-coming solutions and trends, and Google Cloud Next '17 was a great opportunity to do just that.

white paper | Presented by Google

Machine Learning: The New Proving Ground for Competitive Advantage

A recent survey conducted by MIT Technology Review Custom and Google Cloud reveals that while the majority of businesses are struggling to apply machine learning, others are hard at work developing strategies for the technology - and are already realizing genuine ROI.

white paper | Presented by BMC

Enterprises Re-Engineer Security in the Age of Digital Transformation

Enterprise security leaders agree: digital transformation calls for fundamental changes to existing cybersecurity strategies. This Forbes survey report examines the industry response to unprecedented risks and threats

How Technology Helps SMBs to Maximize the Value of Ideas

In an increasingly competitive environment, ideas can differentiate businesses and fuel their growth. SMBs need to get behind ideas and the people that create them. They can do that by encouraging a culture in which ideas thrive, and by giving people the tools they need to shape, share, and sell their ideas.

white paper | Presented by BMC

How to Effectively Close the SecOps Gap

This white paper examines how companies are closing the SecOps gap with BMC SecOps solutions and using automation to build security and compliance practices that satisfy the demands of digital business. These solutions align the priorities of the security and operations teams to reduce risk and scale operations-enabling them to work more effectively together

The Productivity Puzzle: How to Get the Very Best Out of Your People in the Modern Workplace

Productivity remains one of the top issues facing small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) today. And while there's no doubting the importance of trying to get the most out of your talent, the approach many SMBs take actually has the reverse effect. This is the 'productivity puzzle.'

The Security Challenge for SMBs in a Mobile World

There's a big change happening in how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) think about IT security as they take advantage of mobility and the cloud. They're recognizing the need for mobile device management (MDM), cloud security, and the importance of choosing the right devices.

white paper | Presented by BMC

Voke Market Snapshot Report: Secure Operations Automation

This Market Snapshot report provides real-world data to help organizations justify the investment in operationalizing security through secure operations automation practices and solutions.

white paper | Presented by BMC

Voke Market Snapshot Report: Solution Snapshot BMC SecOps Solutions

When security and operations teams collaborate, business is more effectively protected. Learn how you can provide cross-functional visibility, real-time system information, and automation to help reduce risk

white paper | Presented by LogMeIn

Rescue Lens for Discrete and OEM Manufacturers

As the role of customer service departments becomes more strategic in response, there is increased pressure to transform what has traditionally been a cost center to a profit maker. This has manufacturers looking for ways to reduce costs associated with customer service - especially for warranty management - while also improving customer satisfaction.

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