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eBook: Mobility Ware

This eBook will answer any question and provide some practical guidance on establishing a mobile collaboration strategy for your organization.

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Empowering the Mobile Worker Infographic

For the functional/line of business manager of a competitive enterprise, managing a mobile workforce can create challenges. How can you effectively monitor and mentor people you can't see? What tools do they need to carry out their day-to-day tasks? How can you facilitate collaboration?

white paper | Presented by Plantronics

Guide: 7 Steps Toward a Mobile Collaboration Strategy

As an organization, you probably have many of the component parts of a mobile collaboration strategy already. But they may not be working together as cohesively as they could.<br/><br/>Here, we outline a seven-step process for IT leaders to implement a sustainable mobile collaboration strategy.

white paper | Presented by Cisco

Buyer's Guide: 10 things to look for in a Secure Internet Gateway

As networks become more decentralized and users connect directly to SaaS applications, security must also shift to the cloud. A new category of products is emerging to address these changes, the Secure Internet Gateway (SIG).

white paper | Presented by Cisco

Cisco Umbrella at a glance.

Today, more and more is happening off-network. More roaming users. More corporate-owned laptops accessing the internet from other networks. More cloud apps, mean that users don't need to be on the corporate network to get work done. And more branch offices connecting directly to the internet.

white paper | Presented by Cisco

Cisco Umbrella + Cloudlock Solution Brief

The applications and infrastructure that we used sat behind a firewall. Branch offices would backhaul traffic to headquarters, so they would get the same security protection. The focus from a security perspective was to secure the network perimeter. Today, that picture has changed a great deal.

case study | Presented by IDG

IDG CSMB Personal Cloud Research Study

IDG CSMB conducted research on the use of Personal Cloud Use. Here is a 360 degree approach to understand the current personal cloud landscape in the U.S.

video/webcast | Presented by Cirba

Live Webcast with IDC Analyst: Why Multi-Cloud Strategies Require Hybrid Capacity Analytics

Join Andrew Hillier, co-founder and CTO of Cirba and guest speaker, Mary Johnston Turner, IDC Research Vice President Enterprise Systems Management Software, to learn why workload aware multi-cloud capacity and migration analytics are becoming critical enablers to modern cloud strategies

case study | Presented by IDG

SMB 2.0 Decision- Makers' Study

Over half of SMB companies report not having a dedicated IT person/IT department, typically due to small company size. At companies with no IT department, the business owner and management make IT/tech purchase decisions.

white paper | Presented by Cisco

The Rise of the Secure Internet Gateway

Security used to be more about building a taller wall around your perimeter and checking off boxes for compliance and HR acceptable use policies, instead of defending the business against data breaches and advanced attacks. Most security products were built as closed systems that couldn't integrate together or share intelligence.

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